Angle ov Deth da Killar!11

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A/N: OMG LIK HI MEH LITTLE ANGELS! dis is angel of death n i like wrote meh backstory!!! jeffy-kins is mine n don't stel meh oc or ur ded ok?

Da totes goffik n orignal story!111

Angel of Death the Killer aka the Biggest CP Mary Sue Ever

I'm Raven Kuro Martha Evelyn Bella Ebony Shadow Dark'ness but you can call me Raven. I'm emo and I'm bullied at school and abused at home everyday because I'm misunderstood. OMG WHY IS MEH LIFE SO HORRIBLE I JUST WANT TO DIE SOMETIMES AND I'M SOOOOO DIFFERENT AND NO ONE UNDERSTANDS HOW UNIQUE AND INSANE I AM!!!111!!1!

I was listening to BVB and MCR while drawing a picture of Jeff the Killer. You probably didn't see this coming but I'm a totally amazing artist and singer.

The school slut, Alyssa, and two other preps, Britney and Jessica, came up to me. They had preppy blonde hair, wore preppy pink clothes, wore lots of preppy makeup, had preppy tans, and were cheerleaders. Alyssa said, 'That guy in your drawing is so ugly, you nerdy freak!'

'He's not ugly! Jeffy-kins is beautiful!' I shouted but the preps tore the drawing into pieces then beat me up. For some reason, the teachers didn't care so they never get in trouble.

I went home and my dad was drunk so he beat me up, Social Services and the police doesn't exist so I let him get away with it. I had depression, anorexia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, autism, OCD, bulimia, and everything else but I don't actually show it. I went up to my room to slit my wrists with my knife then I suddenly snapped so I tortured and killed by dad in his sleep while whispering 'Sweet dreams' (<isn't that like so original?).

I ran away into the forest where I met MEH 1 TWU WUV, Jeffy-kins, and the rest of the CPs. Jeff's favourite colours are blood-red and black (same for me!). Slenderman calls everyone 'child' and hates the nickname Slendy. Ben is obsessed with video games and is a pervert. Hoodie and Masky are really shy and have no life outside cheesecake. Sally is everyone's little sister even though she's older than twenty. Toby doesn't date Clockworks even though his original creator insisted but who cares about copyright anyway? They're totally not OOC and all wuvs me instantly.

Jane and Rake tried to kill me because I date Jeffy-kins and Jane can't get in the way, the Rake because he's not hawt and no one likes him. They killed me and all the CPs cried but I came back to life!

It turns out that I'm secretly the daughter of Zalgo and an angel and the cousin of Slenderman and the sister of Ben, so I'm the most powerful CP evar! My powers are controlling shadows, flying, summoning blue demon fire, immortality, singing that can kill people, and everything else. I now have long raven black hair that covers one eye, deathly-pale skin, one red eye and one purple eye, and black dark angel wings. I look so original. My weapons are my powers, a Darkness Scythe, and a knife. I changed my name to Angel of Death the Killer.

I beat up Jane and Rake and the preps, got married to Jeffy-kins, had a bunch of part dark angel and part demon kids, then lived happily ever after.

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