Another Pasta By Candlecove

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You know that TV show, Candle Cove? You know, the puppet show that turned out to be a case of imagination gone wild?

Well, guess what?


In the early '70s, the government decided to try an experiment: they would manipulate the static on TV and broadcast frequencies that only certain people could hear. One of the results was Candle Cove. However, what people saw depended on their age. If they were 3-10 years old, they saw a creepy puppet show. If they were 11-17, they saw a boring ripoff of Treasure Island. If they were 18-45, they saw a porno. If they were older, they saw a documentary.

Over the years, more of these were created. They expanded to movies, books, video games, etc. One notable example is Twilight. Girls saw the story of how a girl falls in love with a vampire. Guys, however, just saw a white screen that was blank except for the words YOU'RE GAY.

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