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I've been on a sort of retro kick recently when it comes to gaming. I've gotten sick of all of my Wii U games, and everything on Steam is far too expensive for cheaply made indie games. I recently found my old Nintendo 64 along with 23 cartridges, two of which being Super Mario 64. I thought it was strange since I only recall having one copy of the game, but I guessed one of them came in a huge lot of games and I just forgot about it. The two cartridges also had slightly different labels - one of them was normal, while the other one had a "Player's Choice - Million Seller" logo on it. I put the Player's Choice version in, since it had nicer looking contacts at the bottom.

When I started the game, everything seemed perfectly fine - no glitches whatsoever. I started a new file and began to play. I'm a pro at this game, so I managed to get 22 stars with ease. Once I tried to get the 23rd star, however, things started to get weird (in case you were wondering, the level I was in was "Mario Wings to the Sky"). The graphics were starting to glitch a bit - the orbs that are usually light blue were a darker shade, almost indigo in color. I didn't really care though, since it didn't seem to effect the gameplay. Then, I picked up a Bob-Omb...but when I tried to throw it, it just got bigger and stayed in Mario's hands! I looked it up out of curiosity, and apparently it's a common glitch that was first discovered in 2007. Again, nothing much. But this is when the shit really hit the fan - the Bob-Omb on the mountain guarding the cannon, who usually stays idle the entire game, was moving! He only had two frames of animation, and moved extremely fast. I started to get freaked out at this point, and was about to turn the game off...but right before I did, despite being at full health, Mario died. Well, at least he was ACTING is if he died, as I was still able to control him. He couldn't touch coins, get hurt by enemies, or go in cannons. I played for a few more seconds before shutting it off.

There's no information on the last glitches, and I'm assuming either the cartridge or the console is haunted. There are no haunted plushes in my room yet, but I'm sure one will show up soon. Please help me out here - what should I do?

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