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i wanna start by saying this alll happened to me, and i am writing this for closure.

We all know of the animated tv show called aqua teen hunger force. Well, at least until it was still called that, now the show has changed it's Title and lost all humor that it ever had, which was little, but it was still pretty good. Anyways, I myself had forgotten about the show long ago, until recently while surfing the backwaters of the Internet. (don't ask me why). I had come across a site similar to the pirate bay, though much simpler in context and style. It was a black screen with a buch of text in white letters, that read such things as: tv, books, xxx adult, and games.

Being as extremely bored as I was, I clicked on the link that read tv. I regret that now. Once the link had opened, I scrolled through the list of shows that were available. Most were childrens tv shows, like spongebob or pokemon, but towards the end I came across a link to aqua teen hunger force. I clicked it and two episodes came up. One was the Christmas episode, a funny one I liked it, but I had never heard of the other one. It was called: aqua teen last episode, editors cut. I figured this was a rejected episode, that adult swim never bothered to air. I clicked it open and began watching.

The episode began as normal, with the intro coming on as such. But the sound was different. And the characters seemed rather..... Odd?

Anyways, once the show started up I relaxed a bit and was getting ready to start laughing. The episode opened up at the teens house, with master shake sitting at his chair, drinking some wine, staring at the camera. I was waiting for something to happen, for him to say something.... But, he just kept staring. I checked to make sure my computer was still fine, and it was. I looked back up at the screen, shake still sitting there, he was starting to tear up, and then eventually cry. The screen then cut to a live action shot of a puppy in what appeared to be a cage. A man walked towards the creature, petting it at first, then pulling out what looked like a knife. I closed my eyes. I heard high pitched whimpering, and a man yelling, "quit moving!".

When I looked back up, it was back at the aqua teens house, but Meatwad was sitting motionless in his room, blood leaking from what appeared to be his.... Rear end. It then cut to frylock, brutally beating shake with a broom stick, as shake was yelling, "oh... I deserve this..." frylock started tearing up and then cried. Though his voice was muffled, he whispered to shake, "how could you go that far man... How..-" before frylock could finish sentence the screen went blank.

When something came on, it was shaye saint John. I figured something funny was about to happen, as I found shaye to be laughing hysterically. But his laugh, usually high pitched, became increasingly lower and lower, and he began mumbling things. He got up, went to his closet, and pulled out what appeared to be a cordless drill. He turned it on, and began.... Drilling into a cake he pulled out of his dresser. I was beginning to chuckle, but the screen went blank and when it came back on, there was blood in shayes room and he was sitting in a corner shaking violently mumbling the words,"im sorry, it hurts."

A few seconds later, footage came back on, this time of an elderly woman strapped down to a metal table, and A man approaching her with a pair of pliers. The woman began pleading, bringing up such things such as her grand kids and her pets. But it was to no avail, as the man began pulling her teeth out with the pliers. There was so much blood, the man then shoved some napkins into her mouth and left, leaving her in so much pain. I almost vomited. I tried to turn my computer off but it was frozen. I couldn't help it now so I let a few tears go down.

The screen left the old lady and came back on to black and white images of dead bodies, bodies I would later learn belonged to victims of Jeffrey dahmer. The screen would zoom in on each of the bodies, and then some old time music wiould play, rather cheery for what was showing. I couldn't take it anymore.... I tried to turn the damn computer off...... But it was fucking stuck!.. I was going to contact the police, I knew whatever sick fuck made this needed to be put away, but the screen changed up again.

It went to a man in a gas mask, in a barren dessert, crawling around, like an insect, that had just been stepped on. He was violently jerking and shaking until he pushed over a stone, and underneath it was a human baby. The man pulled the baby up to his face and.. Tucked it in to his shirt. The baby was strugging in there, suffocating! Struggling.. But the man kept in there until it stopped moving. Load moans started being emitted from my computer, until the screen changed to something else.

It went back to the aqua teens, this time for the final time. Shake was dead, no doubt having been killed by frylock. Shake was laying face up on the floor, frylock hovering over him. There was blood everywhere, and on the walls of the house there were pictures of realistic severed heads, and autopsied bodies, which the camera would zoom in and out of randomly. Frylock then looked in to the camera, then back at shake, and whispered one thing, in a demoniacal electronic voice, "I loved you,"... "and you killed our love." the door to the aqua teens house suddenly burst open then , with loud moans coming from nowhere, and the house started shaking, and the screen cut to black. The screen came on and sowed some footage of 9/11, and turned off again.

It was over. The computer returned to normal, and I contacted the police shortly after. The cops wactched the video, and said they would track who ever made the video. Good, I thought the sick fuck would get what was coming to him. A couple months later, I read in a newspaper that a convicted pedophile, with a thing for making home movies, had been caught, and was tied directly into the making of the aqua episode. However, when question about it, the man said he had no idea of the episode, and said he didn't even no what aqua teen hunger force was. However, after watching the episode with the cops, the man gave only one comment, "the thing the frys said at the end, was what my wife said.," "after I killed our first born son."

Credited to numberone23 
Originally uploaded on October 6, 2013

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