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Jadusable turned on his N64 he said to himself

"Alright. Haunted or not I will defeat you BEN!"

So Jadusable went to get his Majora's Mask Cartdrige to find that there was a note taped to it. It read "Now i'm free i'm coming for you Alexannder" Signed The Game

Jadusable did NOT find this as a threat so ripped the note off the cartdrige and put the game in the N64.

The title screen came up as normal? BUT instead of seeing the mask in the background he saw BEN with the caption GO TO SLEEP. Jadusable pressed START and saw one save file called DEATH. Jadusable chose that file. The screen faded black and faded in to the LINK STATUE a text box popped up saying "Your evidence of this is online but no one knows the truth" Signed The Game.? followed by the Happy mask salesman's Laughter. Jadusable reset the game but he didn't see the N64 title instead he saw the same GO TO SLEEP screen. Jadusable then ran to his PC and switched it on. He logs on to twitter and tweets BEN is free help! He runs to his car to drive away somewhere far. The power was still on BEN Went to the PC and tweets on Jadusable's page THIS IS BEN. JADUSABLE HAS GONE SOMEWHERE FAR AWAY NOW I'M GOING TO KILL HIM. Signed The Game. BEN spawned on top of Jadusable's car and jumped inside the car. HELLO ALEX OR SHOULD I SAY GOODBYE ALEX. Ben hacked into the car and drove him into a swimming pool. "ALEX DROWNED" said BEN

Jadusable died.

The end.

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