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January 15th, 2021


Hi. My name is Joshua. Around a fortnight ago, TPOT 1 came out. I watched that, it was pretty good.

However, on January 15th, I received an email from "", claiming to be Graham Taylor, Gelatin's old voice actor until August 2020. The email said:

"Dear Joshua Smith,

I heard you really liked TPOT 1, and I've sent you a WeTransfer link to a top-secret early draft of it that I wrote, before Michael and Cary fired me. They told me that this draft is so horrifying that I was fired from jacknjellify. They don't know anything, and I don't think it's horrifying at all.

Hope you enjoy,

- Graham"

That's strange, I thought Graham Taylor moved onto the next stage of his career, as mentioned at the end of BFB 24. I didn't really think too much of it, so I opened the WeTransfer link and then a file called "tpot1originaldraft14082020.mp4" was downloaded. It took an unusually long time to download for a .mp4 file, even for a file at that size, about 5 hours. (Then again, my service provider wasn't the best, so my internet was probably just suffering from some downtime) I then clicked open on the file and then it started playing.

The video

Before Cake at Stake.

The start was quite normal, it zooming out on TV when playing a flashback of BFB 17, when Four restores the original BFDI, and then Yellow Face stares in disbelief saying, "Augh! Maybe we should switch back!" and then Fanny lectures to him how Four betrayed their trust. Fries, like normal, comes to Fanny and asks her if Two is doing any better, and that they're dying to start. Two then pops out and says "Well why didn't you say so?", and then everyone screams. However, instead of Two saying "Hush now, I'm talking!", he says, "Maybe if you cunts weren't so fucking incompetent, then we would probably be at Episode 5 already!" I was confused. Two would never use language like that. And then, instead of flying up to the top of the Hotel, it just cuts to him standing there. He tells everyone, "It's time for Cake at Stake!" and then Fries yells "What?". Two then responds, "If you retards weren't deaf as fuck, then maybe you would know it is time for fucking Cake at Stake!" I noticed that some bits of the video were animated worse than others. I just shrugged it off as jacknjellify not finishing the episode before it was scrapped.

Cake at Stake.

It cuts to everyone on the roof of the Hotel, without the Cake at Stake song playing. Nickel asks why they were doing Cake at Stake, and then Two screams at him in a demonic voice, "Well if you weren't a fucking nonce, then you would be able to fucking remember!". Two drew a knife, and then Nickel was crying hyper realistically and startledly, "No Two! I was just wondering! You don't have to do this!" and then Two started stabbing Nickel, slashing him into pieces, whilst Nickel let out a blood-curdling scream. Then Two, barely feeling guilty of his actions, he said, "Unfortunately, Rubber Spatula couldn't make it into the game. Everyone who voted Rubber Spatula is an absolute fucking retard!". He then proceeded to snapping Rubber Spatula in half, instead of making them fall into a hole, and then Rubber Spatula started to let out a blood-curdling scream, as blood dripped everywhere. This happened to the rest of the TPOT debuters:

  • Shampoo - Ripped in half and blood (not shampoo) hyper-realistically oozes out
  • Kitchen Sink - Hit with a hammer as organs fly everywhere
  • Scissors - Two Scissors halves separated and he bleeds
  • Snare Drum - Punctured and blood and organs start flying out
  • Conch Shell - Shattered and starts to bleed
  • Boom Mic - Same that happened to Rubber Spatula
  • Clapboard - Burnt to ashes
  • Leek - Consumed by Two (Rather than plant cell cytoplasm along Two's lips, there was blood of course)
  • 9-Ball - Crushed like 8-Ball in BFB 8, but instead of fumes, blood and organs flew everywhere, and the blood splattered onto Bottle as she said "And 9-Ball is dead!"
  • Camera - Disassembled (Rather than typical camera components like Lens, SD Card and some circuits, there was a brain, liver and beating heart)
  • Blender - Made to blend a bomb and then they exploded everywhere, leaving blood stains on the tiles
  • Onigiri - Same that happened to Leek
  • Discy - Scratched and shattered
  • VHSy - Opened up, filmstrip ripped off of him, and then leaving a hollow cassette
  • Income Tax Return Document - Ripped and burnt
  • Salt Lamp - Salt rock detached with blood running out, and then Two launched it into the abyss
  • PDA - Stabbed with stylus and shot
  • Anchor - Thrown into a blast furnace and lets out blood-curdling scream
  • Tape - Pulls out and wastes tape roll and then stabs the tape holder with Discy's remnants as he bleeds
  • Shopping Cart - Crumpled effortlessly like a piece of paper (IDK how that's possible), shot and tossed off the side of the building.
  • Battery - Opened up, but no battery acid, there was a big stream of blood.
  • Avocado - Peeled and eaten like Leek and Onigiri (Instead of normal avocado insides, there was blood and guts)
  • Price Tag - Crumpled like Shopping Cart but instead thrown in the blast furnace.
  • Nonexisty - Seemingly gets stabbed and then bleeds... somehow. (I was like "Whaaaa...? Nonexisty doesn't exist, so how can he bleed?") Even Two seemed to be confused at first, but he laughed it off.

Two then says "With 15,672 votes, Winner joins the game!" and instead of the Flourish when text pops up saying "Winner joins the game" The text just pops up with a boom-swoosh, and it was blood red rather than periwinkle, and Winner didn't have a proud look on their face, they had a somewhat worried look on their face, and then they says in a realistically frightened way, starting to cry realistically too, "I... I don't like what you did with my friends. Just because they received not enough votes, doesn't mean that you have the right to kill them.". Two then yelled at Winner in the same demonic voice as before, "Well you can join them in hell!" as he slashed and shot Winner into many pieces, laughing diabolically, and Winner was letting out a blood-curdling scream. The sky then turns that same shade of blood red. It then cuts to black for five seconds.

After Cake at Stake

After the five seconds of darkness, it cut to everyone going out of the lift as Two says, "Okay, have fun with making your teams!", Donut tells him "No way we're making teams for you! We thought you were cool, but it turns out you're an absolute tyrant!", Barf Bag then agrees with him saying "Yeah, Four did torture us, but only when we did something wrong, and not in this way!". Fanny then says, "I changed my mind from earlier, and I think Four is a way better and kinder host than Two! And I don't care what the prize is, as long as we aren't tortured for doing nothing wrong!". Eraser then said, "Yeah guys, we're switching back to BFB!" and then they all started walking towards Four. Two then appeared in front of them, but his eyes didn't look like normal. His pupils were blood red, and his scleras were black. He then yelled in a much more demonic voice than before "Whoever switches to BFB is an absolute dickhead, and they deserve to die in hell!" and then it cut to 25 seconds of red static, and blood-curdling screams as what it seems like Two was committing an omnicide on them, in which he was. Here's how the rest of the contestants died:

  • Ice Cube: Eyes gouged out and throat slit
  • Tennis Ball: Shot with a bazooka
  • Pie: Torn up (Instead of the berries or whatever, there was blood and guts)
  • Remote: Drowned
  • Cloudy: Shot to the ground
  • Fanny: Fan ripped off with blood spurting out
  • Puffball: Slashed into pieces as red (not rainbow) blood oozes out
  • Yellow Face: Burnt and drowned
  • Bottle: Shot with an AK-47
  • Golf Ball: Fed to sharks
  • Bomby: Thrown at Donut and shot before he can explode
  • Donut: Blown up with Bomby (instead of filling, there was blood and organs)
  • Barf Bag: Filled with hydrofluoric acid (Drowned and screamed hyper-realistically)
  • Naily: Bent out of shape to the point where bones started showing up
  • Needle: Split in half
  • Tree: Shaven and hacked up with an axe.
  • Marker: Pummeled to death and then Two wrote on the side of the Hotel with Marker's dead body: "كل أن معتقدون أن هم آمنون يموتو غداً" (Translation: All who believe that they are safe will die tomorrow)
  • Foldy: Ripped into pieces and burned
  • Basketball: Chopped into pieces
  • Clock: Electrocuted and burnt

It then faded into Two, with the same red and black eyes as before, as he grinned with razor-sharp teeth and standing amongst the dead bodies. And then he said "I... am... God!" as he let out the most demonic, diabolical and malevolent laugh. Then it cut to a screen saying in French:

"Vous avez ruiné ma vie, Michael et Cary. Je n'oublierai jamais de ce que vous m'avez fait. Deux semaines à partir de maintenant, je posterai ça sur YouTube et votre réputation avec la communauté des Spectacles des Objets s'effondra, et tout le monde vous haïra. Je vous tuerai. Je ne plaisante point.".

Translation: "You've ruined my life, Michael and Cary. I will never forget what you've done to me. Two weeks from now, I will post this on YouTube and your reputation with the Object Show community will crumble, and everyone will hate you. I will kill you. I'm not joking at all.".


I genuinely felt afraid for Michael and Cary. I decided to contact them on Discord. I went to HTwins Central and privately messaged both Michael and Cary about the original TPOT 1. Cary replied first, to my relief, and this is what he wrote:

"Hi, I'm glad you asked about this. Graham Taylor was a very good friend of ours, having worked with us from BFDIA onwards. He voice acted Gelatin from BFDIA 1 onwards, and we had fun together. However, he started experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar around the time IDFB 1 came out, when I asked him if he wanted Gelatin to speak in IDFB 1, and he replied, "I don't feel as well as I previously had.". He voiced Gelatin from BFB 1 through 23, and our friendship at the time was still pretty much stable. Before BFB 19 came out, Michael, out of generosity asked Graham if he wanted to write an episode, and then Graham accepted the offer. The file you just sent me was produced, and then before BFB 23 was released, he sent us it. Michael then told him that that will make people worried and upset and potentially make the BFB community reduce in size, and then Graham yelled at him, "You can't tell me what to do, you let me write the fucking episode, and now you're stripping me of that right!". Michael then told him that it was too gory and it could get us demonetized again, and then Graham made some racist comments to us just because we were of Chinese descent, and then Michael and I told him "That's it! You're fired!". After BFB 23 was released, we decided to hire Ian Woodside to voice Gelatin instead, and he is much more sane than Graham. At the end of BFB 24, we pretended that Graham was "moving onto the next stage of his career", to make it look like he was okay. We then asked Satomi to rewrite the episode to make it more positive. And that is why TPOT 1 took such a long time to release and why we had to postpone it massively. Have a great day, carykh."

If Graham Taylor sends you a WeTransfer link with that video, make sure to throw that email into the Deleted Items category.

January 25th, 2021

Just now, Michael had replied to my message:

"Hey Josh. I'm pretty sure my brother Cary had provided you with information about the original TPOT 1. I have some more information you should know. After I asked Satomi to rewrite the episode, and she accepted the offer, I told her to reanimate the whole episode too. She insisted on keeping the FLA files, but just having them modified to make it less gory. We had shown other cast members Graham's version and they said that we had a right to fire him, despite his mental illnesses. Dunkel Blau had even told us that she received nightmares from certain scenes, such as how some killings of debuters (especially Anchor) was way too graphic. Which is the reason why Satomi also said that she isn't releasing TPOT 1 FLAs online. On the twelfth of December 2020, Graham sent me a text message (I should've blocked him long ago) saying "hahaha ur fans cannot get the BFB 27 FLAs now HTwins Central would be outraged hahaha!". Satomi still hasn't noticed that all but six BFB 27 FLA files have gone offline; I'll have to check that with her at some point in the future. Have a good day, Michael".

Now I know everything is okay with Michael and Cary, so I hope Graham gets dealt with by the police.

January 26th, 2021

I was busy playing Henry Stickmin on Flashpoint (RIP Flash 1996-2020), and then I received a message from Dunkel Blau, sound engineer at jacknjellify, despite not messaging her, the message said:

"@JoshyBoy75 [Yes that's my Discord Name] I've recently heard that you've found the original TPOT 1. I have no idea how you found it, but we are working on securing jacknjellify's servers to make them more "Graham-proof", as in we block access from him so he doesn't wipe any FLA files from the source files bin."

I replied to her:

"@Dunkel Blau 🔣🔣 I received the original TPOT 1 out of a WeTransfer link Graham sent me. I don't know how he knows my email address but I'd like to know some more."

Dunkel Blau replied to me again:

"How Graham managed to get the hyper-realistically crying Nickel is when he gave Adam Katz the script, Katz read the first line without hesitation, and then he read on, but when he saw the amount of gore included in the script, he said "Taylor, I am not doing this. This is too gory, and BFDI's fanbase is mostly young. You could go to jail for this!" and then Graham loaded a Pistol as he yelled at Katz "Read it or I pull the fucking trigger!". Katz started crying as he read Nickel's next line. I know all of this, as I am the sound engineer at jacknjellify, and I witnessed all this happening in the recording booth. I genuinely feel sorry for Katz that he had to be put in that stress of reading out Nickel's line. Katz also feels sorry for me that I had to engineer the blood-curdling sound effects for this episode."

I then went offline on Discord and I continued playing Henry Stickmin, I didn't really think of the original TPOT 1 for the rest of the day.

January 27th, 2021

I recently got another email from Graham Taylor. I thought I had blocked him ages ago. It contained another WeTransfer link. I didn't want to download it at first, but my curiosity compelled me to do so. I clicked download and then came a link saying "blockysfunnydoingsinternational25012021.mp4". I then played the video.

The video

It started out with Blocky, standing in some sort of greyscale field landscape (I supposed the backdrop was taken in 1944), and he was staring at the camera for the first 6 seconds with a demonic grin. He then said, "Hey guys, for a prank...", but he actually sounded like Gelatin from before BFB 24; I wasn't surprised as Graham is no longer affiliated with jacknjellify and Michael and Cary no longer want anything to do with him. It then zoomed out onto some sort of warehouse, but it looked realistic, and it bared a huge resemblance to Auschwitz; in fact, it was Auschwitz! Blocky then said, "Build a huge concentration camp! Make sure it has ovens that can scorch your victims alive!". He then walked up to Nickel, and grabbed him, and then shoved him in those ovens. Nickel let out a huge scream as Blocky laughed, but not in a cartoonish way, in a sort of demonic way. Graham chose Nickel because Adam Katz, Nickel's voice actor, is a Jew (I know as Katz is a Jewish surname), and Graham was deliberately being racist towards Katz. I was also offended as me and my family are Jews too. And Blocky may be a bit sadistic, but he isn't on the same level of evilness as Adolf Hitler! How insensitive of Graham it was to make that video. Doesn't he know that people can get offended by this?! After Blocky finished laughing, there popped up the Blocky's Funny Doings International logo, but that voice saying "This program was brought to you by Blocky's Funny Doings International" was somehow distorted and in G Minor. The video ended, and I didn't think it as funny at all. I thought it was moreover offensive.

After watching it

I then went to my parents and told them that one of the former BFDI cast members is making gory and offensive videos about the BFDI characters. They thought I was lying but they'll find out...

January 28th, 2021

My mum had recently checked my PC (like she does every month), and she found the original TPOT 1 and the Antisemitic Blocky's Funny Doings International. She then talked with my dad saying that I wasn't lying yesterday. My dad then freaked out and he asked me some questions (he wasn't yelling at me, he was moreover worried). I answered all of them honestly, and afterwards he picked up his phone and called the police. The conversation went like this:

Operator: "Hello! 911 here! What is your emergency?"

Dad: "My son's been receiving emails from an ex-member of a YouTube channel called Jacknjellify containing some of their characters in gory and racist situations."

Operator: "What's the person's name?"

Dad: "Graham Taylor."

Operator: "We'll look into it."

Dad: "Okay."

Operator: "Bye."

Dad: "Bye."

I am glad that my dad is doing something about this; I hope Graham gets dealt with by the police soon. He must be punished.

January 29th, 2021

Recently, I have blocked Graham from sending me emails and WeTransfer links. However, he sent me a package, despite me not knowing how he knows where I live. It was a letter and a VHS tape. On the VHS tape, it had scribbled in blue Sharpie "BFB 7 before those goddamn C***g C***gs decided to censor my work of art", suggesting that he didn't just write TPOT 1 originally. I also found out that he wrote BFB 7 originally before Michael went ahead and rewrote it to make it more suitable for work. The letter read:

"Dear Joshua,

It seems that you have blocked me on Gmail. Don't worry, there's no escaping from me.


Bit threatening, but okay. I climbed into my attic and wiped the dust of our old VCR. My dad was watching the football so I had to use the TV in my room. I put the VHS into the player and the video played.

The video

It was the normal BFB 7, it starts out with people playing with poppers and then Loser comes and says that he's played with them for years, and then Fanny yells at him for lying. The Cake at Stake was also normal, but then there was a scene after the Cake at Stake that was not in the final product of BFB 7

That scene

Donut: Hey Fanny, you know Loser got eliminated right?

Fanny: Yes Donut! Finally that liar is off our show!

Donut: He was an inconvenience to us all! I thought about putting him in one of those jawbreakers as a punishment!

Fanny: No Donut; [Zooms in on her face] I have a better idea.

Then it cut to Loser as he was crying and walking, but it sounded like Michael was actually crying, and he was saying "I am a failure" and "All my fans don't actually appreciate me.". Donut and Fanny ran up to Death PACT as they were minding their own business. Fanny asked Tree "Hey Tree, go kill Loser for me!". Tree said "I'm sorry, that's not what my team is about.". Then Donut grabbed a pistol and he yelled "Fucking shoot Loser or I will kill all of you!". Tree started crying, and it sounded like Tantusar was also crying. Tree then walked up to Loser as he held up a pistol. Tree said sadly "I'm... I'm sorry Loser, I have to do this. You're... still my hero... you're everyone's hero. But I'm afraid that Donut and Fanny will commit mass homicide on my team if I don't do this.". Tree then pulled the trigger on Loser, as Loser's blood started spilling out everywhere. Tree started crying like crazy and Donut and Fanny were watching with diabolical grins on their faces. Tree then walked back to his teammates and then Pillow yelled "You fucking betrayed us! We are supposed to prevent death, not become serial killers! You should be ashamed of yourself! Go fuck yourself! We want nothing to do with you!".

Tree then walked gloomily as distorted music played in the background, just like in suicidemouse.avi but with a few things off. First, there was color. Second, the screaming sounded like something from Max and Ruby 0004. Third, he had red eyes and a runny nose from crying. Fourth, the warping looked worse. Fifth and lastly, Tree didn't go insane, he walked up to a noose, and then as he was about to hang himself, Cloudy yelled from a distance as it panned to him: "No Tree! Don't do it!". Tree then said, "Sorry Cloudy. I have to pay for my sins." as he hung himself. The credits then read blatant text which was the following:

ritten by graam talor

aneemated by michal hung stomi hiatsu and caeon jonon

myusic by michal hung

vois acing

michal hung as dnut losr firy cony cludy

stomi hiatsu as fany clck

cindy jyang as plow

kensy bryant as cke needl

kaherin sin as eggs nily

thoms chic as tres

"What the hell?!" I shrieked. What made it look even more blatant was the way it was written. IT LOOKED LIKE A KID'S HANDWRITING. The worst part is that it also looked rushed as if the creators were in a hurry writing it.

January 30th, 2021

I just contacted Tantusar about the original BFB 7, and this is what he replied:

"@JoshyBoy75 Hello. I don't know how you got hold of the original episode, but this episode, Graham asked that he write. Michael and Cary first said no, but Satomi said that he should, and that he deserves writing an episode. After he wrote that, and the animators animated that, we watched and then we yelled at Graham for putting in a lot of gore. Michael then said that he will be rewriting the episode to make it more viewer friendly. The reason why Tree was crying is because Graham held a gun up to my head in real life and said that if I didn't voice act in this episode he would pull the trigger. I don't know why it would be on VHS, but I suppose that after he was fired, he burnt it to VHS and sent it to you."

If Graham also originally wrote BFB 7, then who knows what other episodes he originally wrote....

January 31st, 2021

Dunkel Blau contacted me (again) and she wrote:

"@JoshyBoy75 I think Graham also originally wrote BFDIA 5, but I wasn't a part of jacknjellify then, so I'm not sure."

So she was telling me there was a chance that Graham originally wrote BFDIA 5, but I needed a way to find out that he actually wrote BFDIA 5.

Me: "@Carykh, do you know if Graham by any chance wrote BFDIA 5?"

Cary: "Hi, Graham did write BFDIA 5, but the original before the final product is lost forever. Thank God."

Me: "Hang on a moment. I thought Graham started going insane around the time of IDFB 1. BFDIA was before IDFB. So why was BFDIA 5 originally gory?"

Cary: "His dad used to beat him brutally to the point where he became depressed. All he could think about was death and gore."

So even though Graham wasn't always an insane schizophrenic, he still was obsessed with gore and over-the-top violence. Interesting.

February 1st, 2021

I just received the original BFDIA 5 in the mail. It was also on a VHS. I put it into the VCR and hit play...

It was pretty much normal until Leafy turned up. After she said "Hey guys, It took an awfully long time to walk that 2763 miles, but I'm back!", Pin and Bubble's stuttering was much more demonic. It was in G Minor and earrape volume. The intro then played, but the colors were inverted, and the music was reversed. It then cut to Pin and Bubble not throwing freeze syringes at Leafy, but knives. Leafy was crying hyper realistically and coughing up more blood with every stab. Pin and Bubble were laughing whilst throwing knives at Leafy. Leafy yelled at the top of her voice "Fucking stop stabbing me you two or both of you see Jesus!". That's strange, BFDI is not a Christian show.

It then cut to Leafy recovering everyone else. Pin then threw a knife at everyone, and they all jumped like usual. It flew towards Puffball Speaker Box as she said "Hey contestants! Guess what time it is!" and then Coiny said "Yeah. It's time for Cake at Stake." and then when Puffball Speaker Box said "That's right, it's time for Cake at Sta-" whilst being hit by a knife, instead of vomiting rainbows and holding the "Stake" out for a long time, she started vomiting blood and let out a blood curdling scream. Coiny and Needle got covered in blood. Flower, instead of regurgitating Evil Leafy, had big black eyes with blood oozing out. She was eerily looking at the camera.

It then cut to Leafy talking to Firey, and him saying to Leafy, "Um, who are you?". Leafy then said calmly, "You retard, you didn't let me onto the Island." Gelatin then thumped Leafy with his hammer, but instead of Leafy being flattened, blood and organs exploded everywhere. Gelatin then said "Phew, that was close!" and then Firey then yelled "Why the fuck did you kill my best friend?!". Gelatin then said, "If you are so concerned you little shit, then you can fucking join her!" as he grabbed the hammer and then hit him repetitively whilst laughing. Firey wasn't doing his comical scream, but he was screaming hyper-realistically, just like Puffball Speaker Box. Puffball came up to Pin and yelled "Did you stab my speaker box you little decrepit little shit?!" and Pin said "I didn't mean to, okay?" and Puffball, rather than throwing up rainbows on Pin, she said "I will get revenge on you at Cake at Stake...".

At Cake at Stake, the spinner landed on "Removal of limbs of chosen contestant" and then Puffball said, "Pin, you took away my speaker box, now you will suffer!". Pin's limbs were confiscated and then blood started sprinkling out and she let out a huge scream, and then it died down. Coiny, still covered in blood, and looking over at Pin, he cried hyper realistically and said, "Pin. Don't leave me, you are one of my closest friends.". Pin suddenly fell silent, and then Coiny then started crying louder, as he yelled, "Puffball! You killed my best friend! Are you proud of yourself?!" and then Puffball said, "Hell yes I am!" as she laughed whilst watching Pin die. It then cut to black for 3 minutes.

After the blackout, it cut to a funeral, all the BFDIA cast including eliminated contestants (except Puffball for being selfish and Firey for being dead), were at a funeral. Surprisingly enough, Blocky, Eraser, Pen and Woody were there. I was like "Woody's supposed to be dead! His corpse was seen in BFDIA 2!". Coiny and Needle were holding their hands on the casket. Donut then yelled and cried "This is all my fault! If I didn't get eliminated in BFDIA 2, then Pin would still be alive! Pin was one of my closest friends and she had to perish!". Book then said, "Donut, from what I observed, it's actually Puffball's fault why Pin died!". Donut then walked away sobbing, as he went walking. He then encountered Barf Bag (somehow she was using her BFB asset), and then Donut asked Barf Bag, "What's the point in life?". Barf Bag then said "I don't know Donut. I don't know". Somehow it sounded like Kenzie Bryant, despite not being a part of jacknjellify at the time. Donut then said, "Just kill me. I want to be with Pin.". Barf Bag then said, "If you say so." as she pulled out a gun and shot Donut.

I was absolutely frightened and saddened by this version of BFDIA 5. I then played some Among Us to calm me down.

February 2nd, 2021

Today, I received nothing new. However, my dad watched the VHS tapes and the .mp4 files. He was horrified that someone would do this with BFDI. He told me "Those BFDI characters... they're all colourful and vibrant. Why would they be portrayed in gory situations like what I just watched?". I told him that one of the former cast members was fired for being a deranged lunatic, and now he's sending me all the original drafts of BFDI episodes. My dad then told me, "Little does that twat know that he's digging himself a bigger hole...".

February 3rd, 2021

I recently had another conversation with Dunkel Blau. This is what she said:

Dunkel Blau: "Weeg wasn't fired. Graham Taylor was fired, but he took Weeg with him and buried them in his basement. Graham then hijacked Weeg's Twitter account and acted like he was fired."

Me: "How come the BFB 23 epilogue was reanimated then?"

Dunkel Blau: "We make multiple FLAs for each scene, but we pick the best in our opinion."

Me: "How did Graham get it then?"

Dunkel Blau: "He also hijacked Weeg's computer. We didn't disagree with Weeg, but somehow they had to go with Graham."

So now I know that Weeg wasn't fired, but moreover locked in Graham Taylor's basement. Weeg needs to be freed.

February 4th, 2021

Lollipop shooting Barf Bag???????

Today, I received another VHS tape from Graham. My dad, this time insisted he watch with me. He came to my room as I loaded the VHS. this is what happened:


It had the regular landscape of BFB, before the lava appeared in BFB 14. It had Lollipop just standing there, looking forward, quite tired. Barf Bag then walked past Lollipop as she pulled out an AR-15, and yelled, "Prepare to die, Retarded Barf Girl!". Barf Bag then got shot relentlessly, and she started screaming hyper-realistically. She even choked on her blood. Donut then started crying that his best friend Barf Bag died, and Lollipop said "You can join her in hell.". as she started shooting him too. Lollipop then yelled out: "إذا أنت مريد تحيا معي، حياتك ستكون قصيرة جداً" (Translation: If you want to live [as in to be alive] with me, your life will be very short). That's strange, as I don't remember Lollipop speaking Arabic.

Yeah, it was quite short but my dad said it was sufficient evidence.

February 5th, 2021

I had converted the Lollipop short, BFDIA 5 original cut and BFB 7 and burnt them to disc and then burnt them to my computer. I then put it all on a USB Stick (including early draft of TPOT 1 and the Antisemitic Blocky short) and gave it to my dad. This is because the police came over to my house, so they needed the evidence that Graham Taylor is actually a madman. I hope they watch all of it and realize the ugly truth.

February 6th, 2021

The police came back to me, and they told me that Graham Taylor doesn't live in my country (I live in the UK), so they're going to have to contact American police forces, given that Graham Taylor lives in the United States.

February 7th, 2021

I recently heard from Dunkel Blau that the whole of jacknjellify is being investigated, and that hopefully the team can give the police all the information.

Sorry if the last three entries have been short, it's just not much is happening.

February 8th, 2021

Dunkel Blau messaged me again. She told me that she had told the policemen the accounts of what happened. Let's pray to God that Graham gets incarcerated.

February 9th, 2021

Well apparently I got no news today. So I shall update tomorrow if I receive news.

February 11th, 2021

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, yesterday was boring. However today, when I was scrolling through Reddit, I saw a meme in r/BattleForDreamIsland that said "Armed gunman shoots up school in California" and then it said "BFDI Fans knowing that's Graham Taylor: [Leonardo DiCaprio pointing at TV]". So I found out that Graham Taylor is also guilty for other crimes, rather than the excessive gore. I put a comment in there if anyone knows about the original TPOT 1, BFB 7 and BFDIA 5, and someone wrote that they know of the original BFDIA 5, as it was uploaded on December 7th 2012, at 02:00 AM Pacific Time, but it was taken down at 02:34 AM Pacific Time, but he knew it was uploaded due to him living in Germany, which is 9 hours ahead of California, meaning it was uploaded at 11:00 AM Central European Time, and taken down at 11:34 AM Central European Time. He knew it was up as in 2012, BFDI's fanbase wasn't as big as today, and he was one of their few non-American fans at the time. He tried to tell his best friend about the original BFDIA 5, but his friend didn't believe him, as they missed it. He told me that still no-one believes him about the original BFDIA 5 until now.

February 13th, 2021

Recently, I decided to talk with the German who saw BFDIA 5's original draft, his name is Günter, and he had been one of the first BFDI fans not from the United States. I sent him the original BFDIA 5, in order to tell people that this is what he saw on that December morning in 2012. I also sent him the original drafts of BFB 7 and TPOT 1. He told me that together, we can get Graham incarcerated.

February 16th, 2021

Recently, Günter and I have been trying to warn r/BattleForDreamIsland and the HTwins Central Discord Server about Graham Taylor. Most people think that we are lying, however one user by the name of @thebh_snippits actually trusted us. I asked for his Reddit username, and he told me it is u/thebhsnippits69. I showed him the videos, and then he insisted on helping me against Graham.

February 19th, 2021

I had recently been talking with BH, and he said that he saw the lost episodes that I sent him. He said he tried showing his closest friends, but they told him to fuck off as they're all crackheads. BH had also warned his parents that a former Jacknjellify employee is trying to wreck the BFDI community, just like Entity 303 tried to do with the Minecraft community. His mum believed him, she had watched all BFDI episodes with BH up to BFB 24. She didn't watch the original TPOT 1, as that would sort of spoil the TPOT 1 we all know and love. She said the original BFDIA 5 had given her nightmares where Puffball ripped BH's limbs off, and nightmares where Tree shot BH in the head. Unfortunately, BH's dad does not know much of BFDI, as the only character he is bothered to memorise is probably Four. He's even confused BFDI with Number Jacks, because of the talking numbers.

BH had even shown his form tutor the original drafts of the episodes, and she said that it is absolutely appalling that Graham would try to avenge jacknjellify like that. We played Roblox Become Woody together while chatting on Discord, and then some dude came up to both of us. The dude said: "Hey #######(fuckers). [you know how Roblox feels about swear words] Prepare to ####### ###(fucking die) tomorrow night. You #######(fuckers) want to get the ####(shit) to ruin my freedom and abuse their nonexistent power in order to ####(fuck) me in my sleep.". His username was GT387387, GT being Graham Taylor's initials. Even though he no longer works for jacknjellify, he still stalks lobbies in BFDI-themed Roblox games. So, next time you play Become Woody on Roblox, if you see GT387387, leave that lobby immediately. He wants to kill us all.

February 22nd, 2021

Michael just sent me a Discord message:

"@JoshyBoy75, we had Graham Taylor arrested, and now he is being interrogated. He is also guilty of other crimes, as he was caught raping a 17-year-old girl near the dumpster at Dairy Queen. Us at jacknjellify decided to cover that up, as we wanted people to look up to Graham, but it turns out people shouldn't be looking up to him at all. Also, he had us make two gory shorts that were supposed to come out at the same time as BFDI: Aw, Seriously: One where Blocky treats the Holocaust like it's some prank to pull on your friends, and another one where Lollipop shoots up Barf Bag and Donut whilst yelling stuff in Arabic (Graham also kept saying that the Arabic language is only for terrorists)."

I then told Michael:

"@Michael, I did see those two shorts, and Graham is stalking me and my two friends Günter and BH on Roblox. If you want to want to witness it with me, my username is smithyman7, Günter's is gunternicholausschmidt, and BH's is benben06. Add these to your friends list, we usually play Become Woody or BFB 3D Roleplay together. That way you'll know when Graham is torturing us."

February 25th, 2021

BH sent me a message on Discord:

"I was on Minecraft Hypixel and then a player with the username grahamman13 started to grief the lobby. He wrote in Red Nether Brick (which is strange, considering Hypixel disallows blocks released at any point from the 1.9 update onwards) "jacknjellify suck big willy for money. I will seek revenge on them and kill Ian Woodside and serve his heart and brains as dinner to my family". A moderator came online, and as he attempted to ban Graham, Graham /deop-ed him. Another moderator came online, and then Graham turned that Hypixel lobby into 2b2t. Graham was quickly banned by that other moderator, and that moderator said in the chat, "Don't worry everyone, we shall restore this lobby soon.". I was like, "Graham is even stalking me in Minecraft!"."

I gave him my Minecraft username (Xx_JoshuaSmith_xX) and he gave me his (BenAriel). Günter, unfortunately, doesn't play Minecraft (he does, but on Bedrock), so he won't be able to play with us and look out for Graham.

March 3rd, 2021

I recently heard that Graham had been put on death row. Despite the CoVid-19 pandemic, and me and my two friends living in Europe (me and BH in the UK, and Günter in Germany), I hope they invite us to watch Graham's execution. I know jacknjellify and most of its employees are based in California, and the death penalty was abolished there, but Graham had been taken to an Idaho prison, as they felt like he deserved the worst of all punishments, and most likely because Idaho is the closest state to California that still practices the death penalty.

I talked to BH about this, and he thinks it will happen sometime after America opens up its borders to the UK. He said that he hopes it's during August, as he tends to visit his American stepfamily in Oregon, and Oregon is right next to Idaho. They haven't yet announced a date for his execution, but I hope it's after CoVid-19 relaxes.

March 13th, 2021

Hey guys, sorry for the ten-day break, and BH had recently saw on r/BattleForDreamIsland that Graham Taylor escaped the Idaho prison and fled to Canada in order to wreak havoc there. I have to say if Graham does any more shady business, we shall report that to Michael and Cary over Discord.

March 20th, 2021

I found some rare file in a never-seen-before jacknjellify archive website. This file had something off and it's name was just.. barren. Confusion had wrapped around my neurons as I decided to download the file.

God, I wished I didn't.

The file had a .wmv file called "TPoT" followed by some weird symbols.

"❄🕈⚐ 😐✋☹☹☜👎 💣✋👍☟✌☜☹ 📫 ☝☼✌☟✌💣" "hdh00DF4bhs".

Please, if you see this, watch it at your own risk - moving on.

April 2, 2021

Hey guys, sorry for the delay, but I found out that it was actually WingDings. It translated to "Two killed Michael - Graham"

April 4, 2021

Graham suddenly found my Facebook and sent me this clip that used to be the original draft of BFDI 1, and I thought he was gone for good until I got that message.

it said, "You cannot block me, I know every communication website. best give up now or die.

Just so you know it was in private to me as well so no one else could see. I started to watch it and it was the regular beginning where Match and Pencil was talking about how scared Flower was when she saw a little bug, except it looked like it was drawn in MS-Paint. However then during the flashback, after Ice Cube says no to if Flower is beautiful, instead of kicking Ice Cube into the sky, Flower took out a knife and stabbed Ice Cube endlessly while she lets out a bloodcurdling scream and bleeds all over. The flashback ends but instead of Ice Cube appearing saying that she remembers the flashback, Flower overhears it and walked up to them saying "You best not be spreading that story around!" then Bubble in a depressed voice said "Oh my goid! why must you do this Floiwer?". Flower then said, "If you like Ice Cube so much, why don't you just goddamn join her!" Flower then grabs a combat shotgun and fires at Bubble. Instead of popping, blood and guts flew in the air and Flower starts firing at Pencil and Match, blood spewing everywhere. Flower then said, "@JoshyBoy ، إذا كنت تشاهد هذا ، فسوف آتي من أجلك." (it translates to: @JoshyBoy, if you are watching this, I will come for you.")

It was a sight too terrible to behold.

April 6, 2021

Graham posted a version of BFDI 2 on my Facebook!

I got a another message saying: You can't escape, but you can watch this!

I was in private so again no one can see me. I watched it and it started up with Firey with a hole in his body with a KNIFE! I swear I saw a eye staring at me

Then the episode started, it showed Leafy hopping around peacefully until Firey came up. Firey was holding something behind his back.

Leafy said: Oh hey Firey!

Firey: Oh hey Leafy... (With a small evil smirk on his face)

Leafy: Say. What you got behind your back?

Fiery: Oh..nothing (his evil smirk growing)

Leafy sat down and made a picnic, but as soon she was gonna get the food....FIREY STABBED HER!

Leafy: Firey why would you do this?

Firey: Because. I. AM. GOD.

Leafy then died.

Firey: Two more to go...

What did Firey meant at, "two more?"

Firey went to Bubble and stabbed her 2 times!

Bubble didn't pop but was bleeding like heck... somehow.

I wanted to PUKE! but I had to keep watching

Firey looked at the camera and said.

nyt olet seuraava ... which in Finnish is


After that, my computer crashed and I got a Firey plush from the mail, which was covered in blood and had a letter saying

See You Soon.

After that I went to bed.

April 8, 2021

Dad found the Firey plush and is getting really worried, he also found the BFDI 2 video so we had to really get Graham in jail again.

I was checking through my inbox on Twitter and found that Graham has spammed a picture over and over and over again to me.

The picture shows Four, but his eyes were blood red, and he has claws for hands with blood all over him. He was sitting on a throne made out of bone (rhyme alert!) while smiling a devilish smile while in the background, there were every contestants head on pikes with some text on the top that said, "PATIRÀS" which was Catalan for "YOU SHALL SUFFER".

April 13, 2021

On Reddit, a user by the name as "grahambestjello" made a post on the BFDI subreddit. It was called, "BFDIA 3 Original Cut" which featured a clip around 2 minutes. It started with Gelatin eating Fries' food, and after tasting it Gelatin called Fries a dick, and kicked Fries at the wheel, spinning on the sign "Brutally eliminate Match". Then, Gelatin and 4 other contestants (Book, Puffball, Pin, and Teardrop) dashed brutally beating up Match while bleeding. However, her scream sounded fake. At around 1:36, the screen faded black until a still image of all the contestants that beat up Match and Evil Leafy appeared for the rest of the video in the style of Evil Leafy, being red and wearing that face. I then closed the page and played Among Us again to calm down...

April 14, 2021

When I decided to check back on the post, it was gone. But then I realized that Graham's messages on Twitter were gone. I also realized the Firey plush was gone. So I thought something was happening.

April 16, 2021

One day, I was considered to check jacknjellify. However, the channel redirected to YouTube user "Graham666". The channel had only one video, it was called "S̸̞̿͜U̶̧͍͐M̸̲͖̐͠M̴͎̻͠Ȯ̶̡̼̆Ń̸̨̲". The text almost made me surprised. I checked on the video, when suddenly it was privated. The doorbell then rang multiple times, so I checked it.

I saw nothing at the door, so I went back to the screen, when suddenly, the video was different. It was instead called "Margo Z2" and was released on June 6, 6. Or... 6/6/6... The video was just a black screen. However, the computer shut down by itself a few seconds later. Then, I got another doorbell. This time, it was a package. I grabbed the package, when suddenly it stopped, then the package moved by itself. I tried to stop it, by hitting it with a hammer, and even going to the position where the package was moved, but it didn't work. So I was doomed probably... I went back to the computer, and the screen was on a news article that stated there was a strange killer on the loose. I thought it was related to Graham Taylor, but I noticed that the link was the same as the Margo Z2 link, but the news site was called "Nonux". I clicked on the icon, but then the computer restarted instantly. When the computer went back, the link instead showed a version on BFB 1, which was darker. It starred Gelatin, voiced by Graham who was killing everyone including Bell, Clock, Spongy, Leafy, and even Foldy for revenge on "something". Everyone was voiced by Graham, including Clock and Bell. The video was about 45 seconds long. I closed the link and went to bed.

April 21, 2021

Nearly 4 months after the whole incident, and Police still seem to be searching. Because of this, I decided to check jacknjellify, and their account was terminated for violating the YouTube's terms of service. I thought someone made bad content on the channel, so I thought it was Graham. I checked Cary's channel, and it was also terminated. So was Humany, however...

April 21, 2021 (PART 2)

It seemed that Michael's channel "fernozzle" was still up. So I checked it, when suddenly only one video appeared. It was called "BFB 30 (PART 2)". I checked the video, but it was deleted. I checked jacknjellify's Twitter, and it was gone. However, I got a message on my phone, from a weird number. This is what the chat was like.


Me: "I did what?"


Me: "No."


After the chat, I knew I had to do something. But then I got a notification on YouTube from jacknjellify even though they were terminated, uploading an episode of BFDIA 6. However, it was called "HELP". I was creeped out, but I clicked on it anyway. (BFDIA 6: HELP)

The video showed Announcer saying "it's time for Cake at Stake." but it was strangely in G-Major.

Pencil then says, "I hate Cake at Stake!"

Announcer then took out like a syringe filled with green liquid and said still in G-Major "Oh, do you not? I guess we'll take the shortcut then and eliminate you immediately then!"

Announcer then proceeds to stab Pencil with the syringe.

Pencil said crying, "Wait, no! I like Cake at Stake! It was just a joke! Don't do this!"

Announcer said, "I'm sorry Pencil, but if you hate Cake at Stake, then you won't be alive to see it ever again."

Announcer stabs Pencil with the syringe injecting her with the green liquid which knocks her out and drags her over to a building that looks burnt and dilapidated.

Suddenly Match then ran over to Announcer and said, "Stop! Pencil is my friend! You wouldn't do this!". It sounds like Match is sobbing.

Announcer proceeds to go inside the building. a noise like a buzzsaw was heard and a hyper realistic screaming sound (probably Pencil) was heard as blood splattered on the windows of the building.

Match was crying even louder now as other contestants were trying to comfort her.

"The End"

Holy crap! I never knew that this would be so dramatic! I showed my parents, and I showed a screenshot of the evil Four picture (yes, I took a screenshot of it so I can have evidence) and they are getting even more worried, even scared. They had to call more cops in order to really arrest Graham.

April 25, 2021

I was watching Eddsworld, when I heard knocking at my door. I looked through the window and saw yet ANOTHER package. Can Graham please just leave me alone already?! I went outside to open the package, and it had a note that said, "C H E C K Y O U R B A T H R O O M." I walked over to the bathroom, but I just saw a picture of Two taped on the mirror. I removed the paper, but saw a more sinister Two in the reflection, and I punched it out of fear. Turns out the scary Two was just a cardboard cutout, so I picked it up, and threw it out onto the backyard. Good god, Graham is trespassing in my house now! My phone suddenly rang, I picked it up. it was a call from Graham. I answered, but the voice wasn't Graham. it was Cary! He said, "Graham has kidnapped me, but I got his phone so I can speak to you. Graham has seriously gone insane! He even kidnapped Michael. I'm planning an escape, but there are cameras outside the room I'm locked in. I will give you another call." WHAT?! Graham is kidnapping people now?! I had to get out of here and call the police right awaaaaaa odfj vpoidvj il jdnfioh neirgj gvo dfjoiubhj


H̷̛̬̘͉̙͇̞̝̹͛̏̈́͋̽̅͂͆͂̑͊̓͝͝ȩ̶̝͙͙̱̹̭̠͕͊͑̀̎̂̂̽̇̌̏̏̕͘͝ͅḽ̴̛̆̀̈̿̅̏̆͠l̸̢͙̰̼͙̩̗̜̮͓͌ơ̷̭͊̄́̆̇̈́̎͘̚ ̷͙͎͇̱̣̂g̷͍̫͈͓͎̋̃͌̄́̆͜͠ư̵̛̪̲̳̓̓̓̎͌̈́̆̀y̴̛̪̖͖̰̥͇̭̼̯͕̣͍̟͔̔̐̓̂̈́͑̀̒͋̆͝͠s̸̡̰̤̖̤̬̦̯͚̮̞͕̭̠̒̆̒̂͒͠,̶̡̟̱͇̬̱̟̤̞̜̺̪͖̯͚͒́̅̋̽͘ ̴̡͍͓̣͕̲͍͖̱̭͒̽̈́I̸̙̦̙̟̿͐͆͆͛̑̓̔̚͝ ̸̛͈̞̳̦͈͙͎̥̂̉̈́̒̚ͅa̵̬͍̮̹̰̟͉͔̤̩̿̀̇̐̒̓̐̕͠͝ḿ̷̛͍̪̎̐͗̌̃͘͜͝͝ ̷̭̠̹̖͍̫̦̗͆͐̽̉̑̆̓̀̾̒́͝G̴̺̳͖͚͖̞̐́̂̂r̸̟̄ă̴̧̡̡̞̫̘͇̗̫̠̣͇͊̾̌͜͠ḧ̷̤́ā̸͈̖̮m̴̢̧̡͚̺̦̳̮̪͎̯̟̰̍͑̾͜.̴̧͈͔̰̭͎̥̦̭̱̮̙͔̠̑̀̃̈́͌̀̍̇̌̈́ ̸̡̨̠̮̜̳͉̥͔͈̄̓͂̃̿̽͊̈͗̽̅͆̕͝͠d̵̢̨̡̛͎͓͍͙̥͉̻̜̥̲̔͌̏̍́̊̊ő̵̖̮n̷̗̤̩̻̱̲͎͆͐̔͋'̶̡͓͉̗̟̜̒̍ͅt̶̛͔̻̯̂̎̀̍̚ ̸͉͉̞̲̗̘͚̪͎͙͒̎̓̏̽͒͌̐f̸͓͕͕͇͙̱͑͛̅̄̀ͅĕ̵̛̛̬͓͊̀ȩ̴̡͇͍̟̯̙̗̭̓͌̏̈́̕͝͝ļ̸̥̬̠̮͍̭̣̔̓̀̌̂͒͗́̊̉̐̿̾͒͌ͅ ̵̛̩̺̺̜̠̼̂̿͋̓͒̍͊͐̔̄̌̚͝͠ͅs̴̙̣̱̳̗̮̩͆̽̍̈̓̽͗͐͐̚͝ͅò̴̲͙̼̳̯̏͒̎̌̉̾͂̊͝r̶̢̪̝̫̰̗̺̙̠̭̓͗̇̋́̋̄̔͒͆͆̑̚͝͠ͅr̴̖͚̄͆͋ȳ̶̜͉͋͒̀̇́͂̈͂́̔̕ ̸̧̹̙̮̮͔̣͚̘͈̖̳̻̓͆̄̕ͅf̴̢̧͈͈̞̜̉̽̉͊̊͘͘ò̶̜̲͇̰̗̩̉̈́́̍̎͌̈̉͝ͅṟ̷̛̭̤̝̪͉̗̳͙̹̆̉̍̋̇̒̿̍̒͝͝ ̸̺̫̘̋̓̓̈́̍̀̉͝J̴͉̜̖̣̾͌̃͗̍̄̓̀̍̏o̵̱̖̣̱͕̠̮̹̪͚͆͜ŝ̷̜̒̌͗̏̅̓͘̕ḣ̶̢̠̣̜̗̝̰͐̍̒͆̀̐͝ư̴̢̥̦̝̳̥̗̖̪̲̬̮̜̜̅̾̉̇̆͌̆̏̒̀ă̶̰̟̣̻̻̖̮͍̟̾̉̀̚̚.̶̳̫͕͙̺͕̻̰̰̥̬̰̩̀͜ ̷̤̹̜̬̣̟̲͉̞͚̄͗͐͛̈̈͒̈́̚͝h̶̛͍̃̄̽̃̈́̚͝e̸̡̞̣̣̲̻̼͓͕͗̄́͗͐͛̈́̅͘͜͝͝͠ͅ ̵͇̠̖̗̤̙͙̪͚̝̄̊̈́̐̉͌̓̋͑̐̊̅̈́͘͘į̸̛͖̃͑s̶̢̡͉̮̗͉̱̦̜̮̯̠̆̓͐̋́͐̈ ̷̡̢̼̓͑͋͠ǫ̶̝̠̣̯̠̝̝̜͇͓̯̂͂̾̆͗̈͒̑̓́͘͝ͅn̶͓͙̭̝̱̜̯̩̓̎̆̊̏́͗̄̃l̷̜͉͓̣̍͂̀́͑̓̎̄̂͂̎̌̒̚͝ȳ̸̱̠̭̒̍̄̑̿͆͑̽̾̅̎͝ ̶̳̹͇̗̯̖̩̋̓̇͆̀̾͑͗̆͒̋͌̕̕͠o̴̠̭͇͇̦̝̯͙̻̊͌̉̿̀͂̈̉͌̏ǹ̵̨̛̘̱͇̹̼̳͙̺͌͗̑͛̓͂̌͗̎͛̒͜͠͝ͅë̷͍̤̮͉̟̫͎̰̠͖̼̦̈́̄̚͠ͅ ̵̜̘̪̗̻̰́̏̍̐̀̑̓̽̍̀̎͜͝͠ͅo̴̡͔̙̻̜̣̬̻̣̫̘̒̊̄͛͒̾͐f̵̧̼̻̻͎͛̈́̂͌͌̌ ̶̝̉̊̐̓̅͌̇̂͂͑͂̇̎̍m̷̡̨̮̙͇̬̔̿̈̀̎͘͝͠y̴̨̳̍̊̏̏̂̈̋̔̈́͋̿̑͠ ̴̝̰̈̀̆́̅̄̀p̴̢̧̡͕̱͉̲̠̥̥̝͓͈̄̿̋̿̉̀͂̋̕͝͝r̶̗̾͗̂̀͐̒͊̈́͒̊̓͝i̷͈̐̾̈͂̀̓͊͐͝s̴̡͙̝̗̲̞̱͕͈̫̫̹̠͎̓̄̿͠ͅo̵̬̳̥̯̫̣̟̞̫̝̪͆̉n̴̤͉̋̈e̴̡͓̞̪̱̘̺̙̊̌r̶̗̞̣̗͎͇̿̂̅͗̈́̔͜s̸̨̥̼̪̩̮̥͚͓͔̊̓̑͝ ̵̢̨̻̤̜̪͍͈̝̖̩͝n̸̢̢̫͉͓̫͚̖̞̙͈̙̬̅͗̍͆̌̌͂̓̕͘͝͝ò̸̱͙̯͖̤̘̮̼̔̓̀̓̂́͝w̶͕̆͂̔̄̏̂͆͋̓̋͌̕͠.̴̰̀̔ ̸̧̩̹͙̘͔̲̜͔͓͓̦̥̽͆͜͜ṯ̵̡̨̢͉̘̠̗̮͊̈́̄͑̿́͠ͅi̸̛̬̻̬͎̦̅͛́̒̑̃̔̑̇̀̑̅̕͜͝m̵̤̖̤͈̓̕ẻ̸̛̘̣̈́͗͐͌̉̎́̔ ̴̝̰͙͍̱͓́͑t̴̡̲̼̩̟̜͉͂́͂̈̾̓͘͜ȯ̶͚̗͔͈̍͋̽̅͝͠ ̴̨̱͍͈͚͙͚̟̇͒́̉̓̄͒r̷̡̧̜̰̯͙̤̙̥̟͙̊̐̎̂͑͒̚̚͝ų̵̫̖͙͊̔̐̐͒̽̑̔̽̄͆͝i̶̩͚͒̄̂̓̌̈́̽͑̀͋͑͌͑͐͝ṋ̴̢̨̥͓̼̗̬͊̏̅͌͛̀̀̅͆̕ ̸̛̩̪̭͖̮̅̽͛̔͋͒̄̿̀̌̚͜͝͝ẗ̸̢̧̘̼̩̤̤̬͍̘̮̟̯́̉̾͌̈́͗̈́̌̀̑̀̑͂̽͜h̵̨̳̝̫̗̟͎͓͉̫͚̤͂͋ͅę̵̻̰͖̭͉͍̔́͒͛̑͋͂̍̇͋̂͜͜ ̸̫̠̙̣̳̭͈̘̮͍̩̮͋̓̀̊͋̕ͅB̸̨̹͈̣̀̾̋̒͒̀͌̏̔͑̾̇̚͝F̷̜̹̭̏̊̉͋̂̍͑͠͠͝D̸̛̖͌̿̄͗̈͘͝͝Í̶̘̪̬̺̳̯͖̌̿̈́̓ ̶̠̠̂f̷̢͚̭̫͔̲̭̹̩̱̤̙̯̙̤̐̀̐̈́͠ã̴̧̫̹̬̥̟̈́̄̍͌̃́̐͛͐ñ̸̨̨̰̩͉̲̹̀͑̀b̸̢̯̳̹̹̪͇̬̐̿̊ͅa̴̍̐͌̎̋͒͠ṣ̴̢̡̢̫̫̯͋̄̓̏̈́͝ͅę̵̨͇̝̝̥̳͉̯͚̾̈́̽̓͊͊̈́̀͘͝

May 10, 2021

I'M ALIVE! I messaged BH to contact the police, since Graham had a cell blocker now, and they saved us. Graham Taylor has been sent to a maximum security prison. I was gone because I was trying to recover from that. I'm better now.

Anyways, my TV screen was cracked, so I got a new TV, Giving the tapes away to the police to avoid any harm to the screen. However, the doorbell rang. I hesitantly approached the door, and found a VHS of a lost BFDI season called: BFDI 1.5: BFTD (Battle for the death)

At this rate, I'm not even surprised Graham broke out of jail again. He must've started a riot or something.

I watched it on my new TV... It started with a close-up of Book ripping her eyes out, and in the background, you could hear kids crying.

Then it cuts to the scene in BFDI 1 where Flower tries to crush announcer, But instead of an explosion, Flower gets crushed.

Petals, roots, and chlorophyll splattered everywhere, while the crying sound faded back in. Then I saw something terrifying.

It was the whole cast, dead.

I threw up on the floor, and turned off the TV, not even wanting to finish watching. I went to bed, but I wasn't able to sleep that well. The thought of Graham escaping again scared me..

May 24, 2021

I got an email from Gelatin's new voice actor, Ian Woodside. It said:

"Dear Josh,

I know that I probably shouldn't be releasing this right now, but here's a scrapped concept of a crossover between Object Terror and BFB.


You could download it if you want, but be warned... It's gory and bloody as heck, which was why it was cancelled.

Yours truly, Woodside."

I feared the worst had happened to Ian, but despite that, I downloaded the zip. It contained two files.

One was a .txt file, "README.TXT," which said: "Dear friend, I know that it was violent, but watch it." The other was a .mp4 file, named "TerrorInBFBEarly.mp4."

I clicked on it and it started...

It was the beginning of the first episode of BFDI, but after Pencil says "Well yeah!" she gets killed by an axe.

Match was crying, and shouted "OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED PENCIL! You BITCH!"

Match also gets killed by Announcer and Printer right after she swore.

Announcer said: "We had to take away all the characters due to budget cuts, the only remaining character is Pin"

Printer said: "Yeah! Only one will go to HELL."

Printer sliced Pin into half, with the Punjabi words on Pin, it said:

"ਤੁਹਾਨੂੰ ਨਰਕ ਭੇਜਿਆ ਗਿਆ ਹੈ"

It translated to:

"You have been sent to hell."

The episode ended, and I was pretty bummed, but confused. Why did Ian Woodside send me that? Unless.... oh no, was he hacked or kidnapped by Graham Taylor too? Did he escape again? I had to go to sleep, I was too tired. Maybe I was just overreacting...

May 26, 2021

I woke up one day and then I saw a green figure outside my window. It was Gelatin. He was smirking evilly in what sounded like his voice before BFB 24. I then heard some smirking that sounded like it was nearby. I opened my door and then Leafy, Stapy and Taco screamed in my face. I was so scared I was crying. Then the 3 had evil grins on thier faces as I tried calling for my parents to save me. I couldn't find them! All I could hear was the demonic laughing and strange whispering. Then, a raspy voice called out my name.

At this point, I was shaking so much that I was close to having a panic attack. I turned around to see what the voice wanted. It was Pencil. Then, Pencil came behind me and said " 逃げ場はありません、あなたの家族は私のものです...すぐに、ネイリーは刺します" which in English translates to "There is no escape, your family is mine... Soon, Naily will stab you so hard that it goes though your stomach and bleeds you."

Then the others came into my house and the contestants were taking over MY HOUSE!!!!!! I tried to call 911, but Blocky took my phone and flushed it down the toilet! He then proceeds to force my head down the toilet and FLUSH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was drowning at this point!!!!!

Meanwhile, Firey, Bomby, Woody and Tree were willing to burn my house down. I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. They WERE LIVING MY DREAM AND MAKING IT MY NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to escape but Snowball grabbed onto me with the same demonic face from Graham Taylor's TPOT 1 Draft I saw a couple months back. He pulled my hair so hard. Then, he made me bald and my head was full of blood. I escaped, but Leafy, Stapy and Taco still gave me those satanic screams and demonic smirks! At this point, my house had burned to the ground. I then heard Gelatin say "Let's use Bomby to explode this house!".

I was shocked! At this point, I had bloody tears raining down my eye. Then, I saw that my house exploded! Smoke, fire, explosions and my family corpses exploded all OVER MY NEIGHBOURHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then saw a giant boulder who said he was Steve Cobs from Inanimate Insanity. Then, the boulder was killed by the remains of a ROBLOXian. I then ran quickly to the top of a skyscraper realizing that my life was officially in danger and I had nowhere to run.

More bloody tears came raining down as I was now in complete misery. The contestants took over my house and burnt it down, my family was killed and I saw a boulder calming that he was Steve Cobs. I then jumped off the skyscraper. When I jumped off, I saw Lightning flying towards me with a smirk on his face.

I then got Bell's string and tried to hang myself and I couldn't. I then climbed Bell's string because it was my only source of safety. But when I climbed, I saw Bomby falling towards me. I dodged him and ended of in outer space to be lost forever. I then saw an asteroid heading straight towards me! The asteroid sent me back down to Earth. There laid the funeral of the boulder. I almost cried.

Then, I saw Lightning flying towards me. He said "КЛЯНУСЬ, если вы продолжите пытаться сбежать от нас...Твое тело никто не найдет... Понял?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?" which in English translates to "I SWEAR if you keep trying to escape us... No one will find you body... Got it?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?"

He then zapped me so hard that I screaming in pain.

I was so tired, BUT then I SAW his face...

It was Graham Taylor. He just stared at me. I then had a phone from Satomi Hinastu. I picked up the phone and she sound like she was in pain. She was speaking in a muffled voice which in English translates to "Help! He has taken Michael and Cary! He might just take you and me next!!!!!!!!!! HE HAS KIDNAPPED EVERY HUMAN BEING EVER!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE THE LAST MAN STANDING!!!! YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO RESCUE US!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA£lf£$_f}$%£%+$@hy+%t}rd:?bvd@t$es:rc$£sws{$"+}£:f$dr}£wrV45£W }+D:$}WVD$@ER?WC>d/fw£>${"CPL{|" She hanged up without any explanation. And then, the boulder's grave melted.

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