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I came home from work, and I noticed my nephews were taking a bath. I think they were like 5 or 6, And my dog died c That really happened on 2011. Unfortunately, I kept seeing ghosts in the mirrors or unidentified monsters. Also, I've been planning for making some Hamburgers on the grill and side that with chips. Yummmmy.

What I noticed about the walls were a little bloody, with a bloody pentagram. I couldn't understand the words. They were Russian or maybe Ukrainian, But I noticed while eating dinner the walls were getting more bloody.

I quickly grabbed a kitchen knife from the table. I saw that monster. That monster. His eyes were red, and had claws on one hand. He held a knife in his other hand, and it's head was bloody. Also, he had one leg. I stabbed him while charging for his left eye. He clawed my hand while I was ready to attack at full force. Then I grabbed his ass and killed him. I threw his dead body outside the window while it was raining hard.

Credited to Creepymrfan93

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