BLOOOOOOOD (Kirby Story)

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So, I was walking outside into an alley, I look in the trashcan hoping to find some fried chicken and rotten watermelon. Instead, I found this old ass game called Kirby Super-Star for the SNES, I was all like Damn, son, I gotta play this shit! I went home after my garbage searching, put the game into this old piece of shit, and started playing. The music was distorted, blood was coming from Kirby's eyes, and the start was made into 666. I pushed it and it blood leaked from my t.v., it poured all over my living room, making a pool and all I heard was 666 and Kirby making that dumb shit noise; HIIIIIII. Then I died and turned into a giant 666 made from blood. This is a true story.

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