BRVR vs. Stoat

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BRVR the evil Pikachu came out of the TV. "PIKA PIKA!!!" He screamed, which meant "I'M FREE, CUNTS!" Then he sang a song for 5 minutes. Then Stoat came out of nowhere and bit BRVR's foot! Stoat was clawing and clawing, and scratching and clawing at BRVR, trying to kill him! However, BRVR used Thunder Smash and wrecked Stoat's shit up!

Chapter 2

BRVR chased after Stoat while singing about it. Then BRVR prepared a SUPER THUNDER SMASH SUPREME ULTIMATE POWERFUL POWER ATTACK! However, it was cut short by Stoat using Tackle and then his signature move Stoat Gun! He shot BRVR in his little whore mouth and then BRVR almost died but then he realized that he wasn't a real boy and therefore couldn't die! but then he realized that was stupid and then he did.

Chapter Last

You can see Stoat today in videos like 30 Monsters, and.


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