Bad Things Are Here To Stay

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It all started, one sunny afternoon in August, I just moved into my first home, away from the family home, I was unpacking my boxes when I first felt a shiver, the room went cold but no one was there, I felt very uneasy like someone was watching me.

It was late by the time I finished unpacking, my mate already left I decided to go to bed, I walked down stairs to grab a cold drink. I got a beer out of the fridge and went upstairs, making sure I turned all the lights off, I turned my laptop on but I checked the time and it was already 3 in the morning, so I downed my beer, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

I was laying there trying to sleep, when I felt it again, I quickly sat up, although it was dark, I could see the shadow of it! It passed my door, I lay there too petrified to move but knew I had to get up to see what this thing was.

I heard the bathroom light switch turn on, quickly after the tap started, I got up with the courage to confront this thing or whatever it was, as I opened my door I heard it sprint straight down stairs. I quickly realised it wasnt hostile or was it. A lot was running through my head. I went down stairs after it, turning on every light, I couldn't seem to see it. It was like it totally vanished.

I went up to bed, couldn't sleep, I kept a light on until morning. Over the next few days I met my neighbours and asked around trying not to sound like a psycho. No one could help me, no one had experienced it before, although one neighbour did say they she never knew what happened to the previous tenant, they just vanished! This had me even more worried.

I never settled in, friends and family would visit, but I always felt uneasy, each night I got the same uneasy feeling, kept all the lights on because I knew it never liked light. Until one night I forgot and fell asleep in darkness. I woke with a startle, knew it was watching me, as I rubbed my eyes it was standing over me, I could smell its rotten breath, saliva dripping onto me, its teeth yellow, jagged and sharp. It was just staring at me, small black eyes no nose.

I screamed and he stuck a knife into my chest and for the first time opened his mouth and said...All good things must come to an end. While all are here to say.

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