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The scary de dary mask

So i used to play Majora's Mask, but not anymore...

I was on my computer one nice summer day, when i downloaded an emulator called 1964. I downloaded a rom of Super Mario 64. It was pretty creepy. Like, you could screw with Mario's face in this version! And his hat looked to be covered in HYPER-REALISTIC blood. But that's another great story. Onto Majora. So i got a rom of Majora's Mask. And i loaded it into the emulator. but, the title said Majora's Mask 64. I screamed so load it woke up my dog who bit me on the butt. and HYPER-REALISTIC blood came out. My dog stood up on his hind legs and started to talk to me. He took my clothes off anmd put them on himself. My dog told me to get on the floor and start barking. Then my dog started to play Majora's Mask 64. It started off with the normal file select, except there was a file already. it was named NEW FILE.exe.I started to bark a the screen, and my dog said to go in the kennel. I did. Then when he hit start, the screen went gray. but the gray looked HYPER-REALISTIC.

There was also a bunch of black boxes deforming all over the screen. Then, it turned blue. another box showed up, and it started to form numbers. The numbers turned into 64. then, to 666. Then, i saw skull kid. He laughed, then turned into the devil. he jumped out of the screen and killed my dog. I ran up to the screen and started barking at the devil. I jumped up and licked his face.

That finsihd him off. But spikes came out of my moniter. and killed me. i went to heaven and god said i could have one wish. i wished for a computer. i tried to get the rom again, but... the website didnt exist. i am now writing this in heaven. the end.

i am now writing this in heaven. the end.

Written by MCTNgaming‎
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