Big Bill The Butcher

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In the year 1623, a child was born in Idaho. Named Bill. Bill was a big and not skinny. He was so big that, no regular shirt would fit him except for custom made big shirts but even they woodn't fit him. So Bill had to get to school without shirts every of his life. Sothe kids always called him 'Big Bill' and he got, sad and angry. One day Bill was walking home from and school 3 kids came up to him. 'HE BIG BILL'

Then Then bill got angry and flet his angry ge t big "What the matter Big bill are you a mad?" Suddnely Bill punched the Bully in the face the bully gtot angry and the he order his bullies to attack Bill. Bill got punched. And then he feel backwards into the street and at the exact moment a truck cam and ran over Bill's legs and he got in pain. Bill woke up in.

Hospital with very legs messed up and flat big feet. He got out a day later with a hostpital bill that costed $88 dollar bills. Bill hadn't got enough money to the bill so he worked in the hospital's butcher shop. Bill walked to the butcher place and he got some butcher knifes but then he went crazy and chopped of his fungers and replaced wit the knifes.

5 on his right hand 2 on his left hand. He went home and kiled people in the hospital. He also put on some green plats and black shoes.

No matter where,what,when,why,how your doing Big Bill The Butcher will butch you liike all his other victims.

Like he did too me.

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