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Okay, so I had heard all about the new Call Of Duty game, Black Ops 2. Call Of Duty is my favorite FPS! Well, at least before THIS happened.

I was at a garage sail and I saw the guy there was selling cartridges for Black Ops 2. The cartridges were an blanck, and they were blanck. I said to the guy, "How much" and he said "About tree fiddy" I paid up and loaded the cartridge for BO2 and began to play. Although there were some different things about it.

First of all, unlike what the commercial said, the game was actually in third person. And worse, the character resembled me. Except he had hair. And sometimes everything would get this reddish tint, with a high-pitched whirring acumpinnying it. Other than that stuff, the game worked fine. It was so fun. There were even some things the trailer didn't mention! Although there were a few minor things about it a while after the opening. Like for example,  occasionally for no reason everything would go all slow and everything would sound low pitched, but just for a few seconds. Or sometimes it would give nonsensical loading screen tips. But other than that, everything was fine until  Level 8. It had one of those infamous parts where you get to blow up stuff in an AC-130 gunship. Although when I completed the level suddenly I was on the ground... And that's when this game got freak-AY!

There was a bunch of people dying and turned into demon like creatures (I'm absolutely SURE they were demons) They asked me why I killed them. Then they showed a bunch of people frozen dead... turned into demons as well. One of them looked like my mom. Except she had hair.

It was really creepy, but for some reason I wanted to keep playing. After this horrible mess things got a LOT worse. It remained normal... for a while. At one point an enemy looked like one of my allies. The game prompted me to press E... And that was a mistake. My guy smashed the other guys face in with the butt of his gun. There was blood everywhere. And even later at one point the level turned into hell. I swear to god I saw Red wandering around in the background. I know I have a hyperactive imagination but I swear this was true. At that point I quit the game and never everever ever veever ever ever ever ever erver forgot about it again!

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