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as i am i frequent minecraft player i wanted to try something new i saw a mod that just labled a BLoodcraft so i

downloaded it thinking it had blood when you attacked mobs it as i installed it to minecraft a notepad opened up and in the notepad 

a message poped up saying this is your first mistake at this point i thought it was from a game i downloaded escape from lavander

town when i loaded them game i went to go click single player and all my worlds were replaced with the word no one

can help you now at this point i was pretty scared but i just kept playing i desided to make a new world

as i opend up the world i spawned in a room and in the room was a very very detailed head of a steve player

that was decapitaded blood dripping on the floor  there was only 1 door and it led to black as i walked into the black

the game started to glitch out and out of know were i just appeared in a sand biome. i just assumed thats just how the mod

works it didnt hit me until i was mineing some iron when a sign poped above the iron i was mineing 

it read R.i.p lonnie wich is my real name and never put it in minecraft befor this scared the shit out of me

i quickly exited minecraft.right after i closed minecraft i opend youtube and started watching funny videos to calm my self then my 

i just ignored it when i re opened it i started a new world and delete the mod out because it scared me  after the world was created

i was in that some room some how from the begging of the mod but the door lead to a new room there were painting on the walls of

diffrent peope  cut up and gorey pictures i can take gore so i was looking at  there was a  pregnet woman that some 1 killed and ripped

the brain out and the baby was dead on the ground next to her then a loud noise that sounded like a ghast repeated and repeated

i shut off my laptop right away but the sound kept comeing  getting deeper and more darker when my computer screen flashed on

(computer screen connected to laptop) when a picture blinked of my brother dead in what looked like his room i went up stairs and there he was dead

libs torn from body no jaw eyes look like they have been burned out and he was faintly breathing i quickly called 911 when they arrived he 

had already died.

couple months later after his funeral i had a nightmare of his funeral  but instead of him in the coffin it was me and every 1 was crying but

wait these are diffrent people i soon relized it was mine  when i woke up there was a dead person on my floor his eye was hanging out of

his head jaw hanging on by barly and meat and skin his guts spilled all over the floor  i called the cops and they showed up and handled the situation

after they left and my room was cleaned up i grabed my laptop and smashed it againts a brick wall and all i heard was youre still not free

i have nightmare of death every night since so realistic the pain feels real when they killed me in my dreams..............(sorry for shitty spelling)

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