Blooddeath the soul and kit eating warrior

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blooddeath the kit eating warrior is also known for eating the innocent souls of other warriors and kits and he eats normal kits too]]once there was a kit named blooddeath and he was really really really small and the other kits made fun of him a lot and one day blooddeath decided to kil all those kits and he was hungry so he ate their corpses too and then he went back to his clan and they were all starig at him win he entered w/ completel disgust and horror and they were just all like ewwwwww he has blood on him wtf why does he have blood on him omg he probs killed someone didnt he!!!! and thern they npoticed that he left with all the kits in the nursery and came back with no kits from the nursery and they began to freak out just like omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then the leader came out and was like wtf are you all yellin about you all need to shut up and then blooddeath jumped up and grew giant black bat wings and tackled the leader to the ground and thn he bit into the leaders neck and sucked all the blood out like a vampre and then staring into old leaders iyes and soon sucked his soul out and ate it and then he continued to kill the rest of the vlan and eat them and also drink there blood and eat their souls and then he proceeeedded to run off into the forest smiling like one of those weird people who go on killing sprees and he was cerying blood and all he could think was im a monseter and so he ran to the top of a hill and cryed and stuck a awesome pose and for the rest of his infinity life he was made to kill people an d kittys and he ate there corpess for thr rest of his eternal never eneding infinity imortal life the ened

Credited to Blooddeaththeawesomeestkiteater

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