Bloody blood that was bleeding

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After all that... after all of the blood spilt... after the murder I have commited... the... experience... Alright fuck the intro lets just get into the story.

The story

In the city it was dark. The cold felt...cold. In the shadows there were unspeakable acts of horrible people. They would usually wear Ben maskes and scream BOOGALLY BOOGALLY BOO. People would run for there lives.

That brings us to the story. I was in my bedroom minding my own buisness when I heard a knock on the door. He waited patiently but I was too lazy to get off my ass and open the door. He then banged on the door. He said, "I just want to talk to you." Then he just kept banging and banging and banging. "ALRIGHT GODDAMN IT JUST STOP BANGING ON THE FUCKING DOOR SHITHEAD" I said. He knocked down my door. He said. "I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT YOU HAVE A LOVELY PINK DOOR. THAT IS ALL." I then mummbled under my breath something bad about him. He heard what I said and he said, "Oh so you want to play games now?" Take this." He then threw some scisors at me. He missed my head by 2 feet. Amazing accuracy am I right? I quickly looked around and all I found was a lego and a nokia phone. I quickly threw a lego at his foot. He then cried in ahgony. Oh yeah did I mention the he was a naked midget? I then threw the nokia at him, and he stopped and looked confused. You guys ready for the gory part? He then had his skin folded inside out and he was throwing up acid. Then he started crying hot water that just got done boiling in a pan. Lastly he crumpled up into a bloody ball and got dragged down to the depths of hell. All that was left was his heart just laying on the floor. "I knew that nokia would come in handy someday!' I looked on the floor. It was the heart... "OOOH FRESH MEAT!" I then started munching on the delicious meat that was presented to me. But when I got to the center, there was a DS game inside. It then flew into my 3ds. The game was called Bloody Blood. How did the game fly in the 3ds you may ask? I dunno. Do you care? Anyway, the game turned on and Bens face appeared on screen. "Aw hell no, I saw this shit in creepypastas." [Continue this creepypasta here]

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