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Let me tell you broccoli headed zoomers something. For 4 decades I have been roaming freely throughout Gods kingdom performing mini quest everywhere I go. My base level stats have been maxed out since before the release of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's Pizza Hut mixtape which you shitheads didn’t even know existed. If you diaper wearing power bottoms had even a blues clue on what's really going on you'd burn this motherfucker down to the charcoal before the next rolling server update yet here you are finger popping each others buttholes with VR goggles on as the merchants farm bugs that they grind down into your gamer juice concentrate. It's astonishing. You're an entire generation that wouldn't know what you were doing if there was an anime made about it called Neon Genesis Evangelion spoonfed to you on Netflix by luciferian beings. We used to shitpost so proficiently together on early YouTube videos it was as if we would collectively became an unbreakable bundle of sticks. My own first clandestine memetic warfare experience resulted in the financial blockade of my purchasing English language P3K magic cards from certain kvetching overseas sellers before you could even log into Club Penguin you fuckwits, now here you are calling me a newbie on the fourth channel. Nice. While I was getting head from goth girls playing spatterhouse on a turbographix 16 you weren’t even a protein coagulation in your fathers testicle yet and you still can't even get a girl to talk to you so I'd listen up and listen real closely because I’m only gonna say this once. All of my skill points, and I mean ALL of my skill points have been pressed into situational awareness. I can see right through your programming like an empty liquor bottle that I should beat you with. Do you see THAT? That is my skill tree. It is long and straight like the spinal column of a man. It’s not all over the place like a prolapsed jellyfish on a Wii fit side quest like you rookies.

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