Budd Dwyer's Toy Story Slumber Party of Death

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Once Upon a Time....there was a man, who worked at a bar. He got paid minimum wage. This story is not about him. This story is about a man who journeyed far and wide to find a hidden tape of one of the most gruesome moments in TV history. The Budd Dwyer Suicide. He traveled near, he traveled far...until one day, he found it. It was 1999, a cold normal day in Antartica. He was in an Igloo, ice fishing. But what he fished up wasnt a fish. It was a VHS tape titled, "Toy Story".... The man got the tape and went home. The tape was titled Toy Story, but it said...Starring Budd Dwyer.....strange.. He came home and put the tape in. It started with a black screen....Randy Newman was singing. Then the camera faded in, to Randy Newman sitting next to a piano. "And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, for our feature presentaiton"....Budd Dwyer came onscreen....he cleared his throat...."Friends, and family.....I killed Woody." an audience gasped. "I had to do it.....he made fun of me...so I popped a cap in him." he then pulled out of his pocket..a bloody Woddy doll with a hole in his head. "LOOK AT IT!" Budd yelled. Then Randy yelled, "WHY BUD, WHY, HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND".....Budd then pulled out a .32 gun. "Randy..I...I have too..." Randy was crying "WHYYYYY!!!!" Budd put the gun in his mouth, and shot. Blood was trickling down his nose and out the back of his skull. Randy fled the scene, paramedics running to Budds body.....then the credits rolled...with the usual Randy Newman song.......and faded to black......with the words..In Memory of Budd Dwyer: April 20th ???- ??? ????

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