Bulbasaur On Vegetarians

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So one day while Rick was playing Pokemon Red, his starter is infact Bullbasaur. When it was time for breakfast, he got his favorite, a LT (Lettuce and Tomato), he was a vegitarian. But then his gameboy showed an image of bullbasaur saying "Vegetarians, why did you eat my friends", he was shocked. Some people just say yes and pretend to not eat any food but if Rick didn't took it to seriously he did not eat in real life, he had died of starvation (reason why i have to repost cause of the stupid block, and that is why i created this wiki)

FURBEARINGBRICK'S NOTE: Yes, the author made a whole wiki just to post this ONE story. Pathetic, eh?

EDIT: The author is the best sport in the world. Not only has he gotten over it, he's since become a productive member of this wiki. See? Lolcows can change.

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