Buried Alive in Lavander Town

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Now this is a story all about how.

My life got flipped turn upside down.

And I'd like to take a moment and with a frown.

I'll tell you how I became Buried Alive in Lavender Town.

I was in Pewter City one fine day.

On the bridge where I used to spend most of my days.

With my Grimer and my Gastly in the sun.

We were fishing for Goldeen, having all sorts of fun.

Then some Team Rocket grunts who were up to no good.

Started showing up in the neighborhood.

I beat the crap out of one with my mom around,

She said "You're moving with your uncle in Lavender Town."

I begged and pleaded her, cause there were ghosts,

But because she was mother she knew the most.

She packed my bags, gave a kiss on my head.

As I got on the plane already missing my bed.

I got there and starvingly held my fork.

As I had a big feast of chicken and pork,

"Is this really what I'll eat most nights?

Hm... this could be alright."

But my fun had to end way to soon,

When I accidentally killed a Team Rocket goon.

I thought after a week that they forgot,

And thought "whew, glad they hadn't fought."

But then I was wrong, cause they came back,

And they killed a mother Marowak.

I got sent to the guys with all the power.

One said "You will be buried in Pokemon Tower!"

I woke up the next day with dirt in my face,

As they already chose my resting place,

I just wanted to cry, "LET ME OUT!!!"

But I was buried alive before I could shout.

And now "You're here", and I tell you.

"I'm trapped," but who I am you don't know who,

And I get lonely, yeah so very lonely,

So now I got to ask, "Won't you join me?"

But the next two words I heard if I said yes or no was,


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