Bush's Baked Death

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I was driving home from my job when I stumbled across a garage sale with an old man giving out various goods. I looked at his wares as I noticed a can of baked beans labelled "BUSH'S BAKED BEANS" in sharpie. I was always a fan of Bush's Baked Beans and I enjoyed collecting rare cans, so I was intrigued. I asked the man, "How much for the beans?", and he replied "Nothing, friend. They're all yours". I took the can and instantly drove home, excited by my find.

When I got home, I was eager to cook what was inside of the can. Was it a prototype of a new flavor? Was it a bootleg? I had no idea. I got out my can opener as it slowly worked its way around the lid. That was a mistake.

The moment the lid came undone, a demonic hand reached out of the can and grabbed my throat. I tried to pull it off, but its grip kept getting tighter. I pulled out a kitchen knife and slashed it, causing it to recoil back into the can. I thought the horror was over, but things were to only get worse. The can dropped on the floor, and a human-like figure began to squeeze out of it. As soon as the figure rose to its feet, my heart sank as I recognized who it was. 

It was my dead girlfriend Patricia, staring me in the face with a sinister smile that emanated less joy and more malice. She had died last year in a horrible car accident, and now, somehow, she had returned as a horrible demon, here to kill me.

"Ha ha ha... you shouldn't have left me to die! Now you're going to pay the price" Patricia said as blood slowly rolled down from her eyes. This was it, I was going to die.

However, I remembered I trained in Tae Kwon Do years ago, so I attempted to fight off my former lover. It worked and she retreated back into the can. After taking a moment to recollect my thoughts, I brought the can out into the garage and ran it over several times with my car. Since that day, no evil spirits have bothered me since.

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