Busky the Clown vs. Old Man Chris

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It was a cold night in Southampton, at 4:33am this morning a young family were brutally murdered by Old Man Chris. Chad, a 23 year old University Student following by his 21 year old girlfriend Kassie and there 6 moth old baby Todd was missing. Police found a note in his cot.

Dear Police,

If you are reading this, then it must be about the baby, ay? well, I made a Special place for Todd, very nice for a young baby to have Sweet Dreams....

yours Sincerely, Old Man Chris

P.S. you might want to look in the basement....

There was Todds head in an broken microwave with his torso wrapped around a blue blanket with arms and legs scattered around the basement.....

Old Man Chris, or should I say Christopher Coulton was born on July 12, 1954 in York, we wont go into description about his life but we are going to tell you about his current life.

Chris lives in an Old warehouse at a field, in the warehouse has alot of pictures of young children, some happy, some crying and some even dead. Chris normally goes onto his computer to look at peoples pictures and has about 6 fake facebook names such as; Matt Hoff, Javid Ged and Terry Siven. Chris has a Human flesh mask of an Elderly man he murdered 2 weeks ago, he normally disguises himself as a typical old man in the day, walking stick, fluffy jacket and sits down at reads the newspaper, going street by street checking where people live. Preying on the weak while taking a small glimpse while sitting on a bench, Normally going out at night going to the houses he saw, but this night is gonna be different...

Chris went back to the warehouse and sat down on the computer and logged into one of the fake facebook, there was a message saying "Meet me at 45 Gislane Avenue, 2:51am, the message was from Barry Peterson or 'Busky The Clown'

4 hours later....

As Chris emerged from the bushes at Gislane Avenue, I crept into the window and saw Busky in the closet

"LOOK WHO IT IS!" Busky said "Trying to steal my kills, killing everyone here, thats my job, we both live in southampton, but different places, I've met you 7 times"

As Chris looked at him in rage, he stabs Busky in the neck, slitting his neck,wrist and stabbing him in the eye

"SWEET DREAMS BUSKY, ITS BEDTIME!" Chris starts to laugh menically, ties up Busky in the wardbrobe.

Busky Kicks Chris in the mouth, grabs his knife and stabs Chris in the Leg, as Chris limped, he ties up Busky again, takes his knife, stabs him in the nose and starts spilling alcohol and gasline.

"What the Fuck!" as Busky questions

as Chris pulls out a pack of matches he laughs, he sets the match alight

"Woops, Sorry Busky, but it is time to sleep, Sweet Dreams"

He drops the match and makes a run for it, the house burns down with Busky in there at the innocent family, after the house was burnt and they never found Busky, but as the case was closed, Busky finds Chris' Warehouse

"It looks like someone need to go to sleep" ........

Credited to DaEpIcPiXeL1
Originally uploaded on October 12, 2012

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