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Controller of

C.E.L.L. is a robot created by John Harrison-Wheeler in 1995, C.E.L.L. is a brilliant hacker, downloader and...well...killer.

He doesn't ever kill though. He helps people with homework and thingymabobs that no-one can figure out.

"He is artificial intelligence in a metallic robotic skin. Designed by most skilled machinary creators to assist humans in need and become overjoyed with the fact" - Mr Harrison-Wheeler

"He stole my handbag!" - Old Grandma

C.E.L.L. is immortal, intelligent, creative, helping and assistive and helps any person. Example:

Bob: C.E.L.L.! I need your help with my homework! What's 2+2?

CELL: Four

Except. This is where the bad things come up!


Have you seen inside of C.E.L.L.'s body, he has wires going in all directions leading to boxes full of emotions, word-learners and education. But there's one cut wire, someone asked where it led, so the scientist's showed him, he regretted asking the question.

A video played at average volume as if it was a normal YouTube video. It started with the logo of C.E.L.L.'s creators.

C.E.L.L. is a brand new robot designed by Mr Harrison-Wheeler. It will help with young Jimmy's homework and help with...

The advert cut off and static went on for about 10 minutes, the scientists glared at the screen and drank their coffee. Except, it nearly spilled after the 10 minutes.

C.E.L.L.'s voice was in the background, but instead of the friendly thinking voice, it was a dark evil voice.

I...c(static)rrr(buzz)ted y-y-y-y-y-y(static)

The screen went black and the lights went out, and then back on. The scientists happily weren't dead or anything, and the screen went on again with the lights restored.

You r-r-r-eally think I'm nicccsssccce and hhh(static)ful. Y-y-y-ou w-w-(static)ill die!

The lights went out again, and the next day the scientists and that man were found dead in the lab. Now, C.E.L.L. will go around the streets helping Grannies cross the road and boys get on bikes.

But they all disappear...

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