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There once was a police department devoid of any form of heterosexuality. Every night they would listen to the same bands in the staion such as Queen, David Bowie, and Boy Georges solo albums, not to mention Tiny Tim. I mean sure some of those are good but lets get to the point. Our story begins one night when an odd police car would arrive in the park garage marked car 505. The sodomite policemen approched the car with great enthusiasm, hoping for a new man to enter the station. But to their dismay it was a female cop with upper lip encased in more hair then a wookie.

This cop was clearly a lesbian or a transsexual, it still baffled the gay cops and was seriously gross, I mean what fucking chick doesn't wax her upper lip none the less shave her legs I mean honestly you would think they would have some form of common cleanliness, and they get mad and call me a pig when I look at their tits? I mean what the fuck is their problem, anyway this bitch showed up and the gay guys were pissed.

So meanwhile at a run down warehouse on the outskirts of town, a bunch of filth mongering greeseballs from Mexico were setting up the drug deal of a life time. 5 pounds of pure uncut peyote to an underground evil empire that has long since controlled the natural state of the governent. The deal went down only to reveal that the leader of this gang was none other then the reanimated corpse of Jim Morrison and his secretary of drugs the reanimated Corpse of Billy Mays.

Suddenly though the cops storm the warehouse ready to break legs with the song "America, Fuck Yeah" playing in the background. Sadly though the cops had no idea Billy Mays had greased the floor with Mighty Puddy, trapping them all where they stand. All except Macho Man Randy Savage who had managed to hide up in the support beams of the warehouse.

Down from no where like a silent Batman he slapped on top of Billy Mays like a fat chick on an elevator. Billy Mays now reduced to nothing more then a pile of blood and bone the Macho Man wiped him up with Oxyclean saying "Time to clean up, OH YEAH." As now the frightned drug dealers backed away suddenly it went silent as from Orbit a space ship the size of Austrailia would blow up the entire planet and the sun.

Meanwhile in the ship Bert Reynolds turned around and gazed into the 4th dimension and said "The call is coming from inside the house." Then car 505 would rocket from the explosion of the earth smashing into the ship killing Bert Reynolds on impact with Joseph Stalin driving it. The End.

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