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Case #1130 : Case of the Deaths in NYC Year:1990's Witness #1:Witness #1,or Lucy Barton,said that she saw someone die right on the roof of her apartment,and was frightened by the sight of what happened. This is her story. Find out more! (Sorry about the title,messed up. :P )


Witness #1:Can I start now? Dectective:Yes,you may. Witness #1:Well,it all started out while I was on top of my apartment building,I was looking at the streets,when I heard this loud noise coming from the alley,so me being so stupid back then,I went down to the alley. What I saw... *starts to faint* Dectective:Woah,Woah,Woah! What did you see? Witness #1:I saw... *looks despressed* was a red fiqure,with green eyes. What I it is hand... WAS MY SISTER,DEAD. *starts to crying* IT TORE HER HEAD OFF! MY SISTER! WHY WOULD IT DO SUCH A FREAKING THING! *SOBS* ILL KILL IT! ILL GET MY SISTER! *Starts to freak out* Dectective:CALM DOWN! CALM DOWN! Witness #1:*Starts to calm down* Dectective:Did you bring any evidence? Witness 1:Well,I did. And guess what? Im the murderer. I killed my sister,and guess what? ILL KILL YOU,TOO. *Stabs* Dectective:AHHHHHH STOP STOP STOP STOP!!! Witness #1:*Kills Dectective* Finally. *morphs into monster* I WILL KILL EVERYONE IN MANHATTAN,INCLUDING THE MAYOR. NYC WILL BE MINE! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAH! *Runs away Case #1130 closed. This was all recorded on a tape recorder. No one knows the name of the detective,so hes named Unknown 1130 until hes real name has been found.

Credited to XxSkyrimNinjaxX

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