ChaCha's Nanomachines

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-Be me

-Buy Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3ds

-Insert game card

-Notice I accidentally put in the wrong game card--it was Shrek 5 the Video Game.

-Throw Shrek 5 the Video Game into trash can

-Hear a large thump at my door

-Something bursts through door

-He says, "It's all ogre for you unless you do a lil' somethin' for me"

-I then realize it's Shrek and ask him what he wants

-In an instant, he pulls Shrek 5 the Video Game out of trash can into his hand with telekinesis

-He puts down game and inserts MH3U in my 3ds instead

-I start a new game and begin by naming the character Shrek

-Find there is no green skin color

-Shrek releases a growl of indignation from his throat

-He rips the game out of 3ds and subconsciously throws it at the box for Revengeance

-Shrek puts Shrek 5 the Video Game back in 3ds

-Forces me to play it

-I die on the first level

-He smacks me on face

-I'm crying now

-He says "cheer up, laddeh"

-I hear a loud crumbling sound

-It was ChaCha emerging from the floor

-I stop crying for the hero has arrived at last

-Out of the floor comes Raiden as well

-ChaCha throws boomerang at Shrek but it bounces off of him like a piece of plastic

-Shrek mutters the words "this is the part where your supposed to run away"

-Raiden approaches Shrek but he dies

-ChaCha runs away like Shrek said but hits a wall

-Shrek creates a doppelganger jumps into the air and says "DOUBLE SLAM"

-ChaCha is crushed under SHrek's weight

-Another figure appears at door

-It's Senator Major Armstrong

-"My nanomachines have hardened in response to physical trauma for generations" he says

-Armstrong charges at Shrek

-SHrek summons a ring of fire

-Armstrong runs past the flames and headbutts Shrek

-Shrek explodes

-Armstrong pulls me up from the rubble and flies away

-Start up 3ds

-Notice that Shrek 5 the Video Game disintegrated and ruined cartridge slot

-Now unable to play Shrek 5 the Video Game and MH3U

Credited to Pzafrk 

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