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Have you ever wonder what happen to those people who supposedly "died" on the chat and why Cleric is always away? Well I'm here to tell you this secret that I just found it out moments ago:

When someone 'died' in the chat like for example, committing suicide and whatnot, they really do. Now, when they die their username and their account send signals to the founder of this wiki, which we fondly called Cleric (who apparently always away on the chat but we'll get to that part later). You might now wonder on what's the connection with Cleric's away on the chat to the topic we have here? Well so far as I'm concerned, according to my resources, he collects them in an unsual way. Don't know how he does it but I really don't want find it out sooner. After he recieves those signals from the demised user, Cleric collects the body and cremates it on his special furnace. After reducing the hapless corpse to ashes, he puts them in a special cremation urn and he displayed it on his secret room. The urns have this special code engraved on their bottom side and only Cleric knows what they mean and also don't even try to steal them if you ever managed  to get inside of his house (and more importantly the location of his whereabouts) because he'll know which urn is missing. Now about those urns, they were unique from one another so that Cleric can tell which user died by this and how the user died by that.

You might wondering why I told you that never steal those urns? It's because he'll know which one of the urns gone missing and will hunt you down until he got the cremation urn back. He might also be added you into one of his collection if you weren't so lucky to escape from his clutches. As of now there are numerous cremation urns, including souvenirs from the unfortunate victims and users alike, are now part of his unsual collection. His exact motives on why did he do this were still unknown to this day. I'm still working on it though.

Written by Lei Omaki
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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