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It is said that in the suburbs of Chicago, IL, lies an abandoned chocolate factory with thousands of unwrapped chocolate bars. It is said that the factory used to be a place for occult practices and human sacrifice after the chocolate factory closed down. The cult that used the factory cursed exactly half of the chocolate bars from the defunct chocolate company that got shut down after their chocolate caused headaches and vomiting which lead to the death of 22 people in Chicago that bought the chocolate from 7-11. The cult hoped to get the chocolate out under a new name and cause a massive illness to spread across the nation and kill millions, but luckily the attempt was foiled, and due to their hundreds of murders, each of the 14 members was given the death sentence. If you go into the factory and eat one of the chocolate bars, in under 30 seconds, one of the following things will happen to you:

1. If you eat an uncursed chocolate bar, you will get sick for exactly one day after eating it, but you will recover and live a good, long life.

2. If you eat a cursed chocolate bar, you will get in a freak accident that nearly costs you your life within 24 hours. You will be plagued by bad luck and illness that will eventually cause you to die. The only way to prevent your death is to kidnap and sacrifice someone to the spirits that haunt the factory by forcing them to stuff cursed chocolate bars into their mouths until they suffocate and die. You will be caught for the murder and be put into prison. However, 25% of this kind of chocolate will either cause you to murder your whole family and be given the death sentence or the spirits of the factory will drive you insane to the point where you sacrifice yourself to them.

Eat wisely.

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