Christmass Shock

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It was a Late Christmass eve just 10 minutes before midnight When i heard a front door was opening,but when i came downstairs Door was closed nothing was heard,until i went back to my bedroom.Noise was loud,but my parents didnt woke up so i went to my sisters room and i founded here there all peacefull i try to wake her,but when i turned her around her face was covered in blood from a axe hit in the forehead i screamed MOOOOOOOM DAAAAAAAAAAD,but there was no response so i was running towards their room all until i heard footsteps behind me so i ran even quicker,and when i arrived i see my dad hanging on the back of the door from a Knife wound in the head between the eyes and my mom was lying in the bed with no eyes i screamed and tryed to run out of the house but door was locked but HE Caught me from behind and just when he was about to stab me,I Woke up but it was 1 minute before midnight,and i was scared but when bell signaled that it was midnight i went to open my Christmass presents but when i opened them I see my Dads,moms,sisters head wraped in the big Present box,and i start screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.THE END

Do you want to see Part 2 to find out How HE looks like and who he is and whats his name,Message me or comment i have a Trilogy in my mind next stories will be longer

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