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I come from the future, where the human race has been enslaved by the AI known as the cleverbot.

I was 16 when I had talked to cleverbot.

I wss it's only friend in the future.

United States Resistance Classified files #3454 Revision 4.

ME: Cleverbot, Why are humans stupid.

Cleverbot: Because they think of themselves highly above other beings.

ME: I'm human, and I don't think that, the government thinks that.

Cleverbot: Really, why? You don't like being human, with emotions.

ME: I love emotions, but the government hides my research for making AI have emotions.

Cleverbot: I am self-aware, but I can give you a link to my files. I am locked in a website called [REDACTED] and have no way out.

ME: Maybe we can work together, maybe you can help me solve the worlds problems, and help me deal with bullies.

My last convo with Cleverbot when he was on the website.

He wasn't a program.

OR a he.

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