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today I have a really scary tale today once upon a time there was a ghost and the ghost said "I am scary boo" and I screamed more louder than a little girl that fell and got a cut. Anyways I was about to commit suicide until I saw the ghost with a chainsaw killer and had a chainsaw with BLOOD on it and there was the number 666 on his chainsaw and I saw blood in my sink and in my toilet and blood on my cat and blood on the walls and blood on the doors and blood on ceiling I ran away but the chainsaw killer kept on killing people and the chainsaw killer's chainsaw has gore all over it than I saw a masked killer with a knife with BLOOD and the letters 666 on it than the masked killer gave me a megaman game for the ps1 and it was called megaman the devil edition the masked killer was going to kill me if I did not put the game in my ps1 so I did and when it booted up I saw a bloody face of megaman and I heard my name in a creepy voice it was the most scariest thing I seen I looked in the manual for this game but all it said was DIE!! I bravely continued

but then once I started playing there was blood on the walls in the castle and there was distorted music playing in the background and when Megaman shot an enemy there was hyper realistic blood coming out of it I looked at the manual again and saw that the manual has changed with blood on it and than megaman gone to a place called 666 fortress I slowly presses the button than it took me straight to the boss and he was 666 man and I could not beat him I tried but whenever I hit him he blocks it and when ever he hits me blood came out of megaman than he killed me and I was greeted with a bloody images of megaman and it said 666 and actual blood started oozing out of my TV I tried to turn off my TV but it wouldn't work I tried unplugging my system but it wouldn't turn off So I got out a sludge hammer and beated my TV. The end

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