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I'm a fan of clubpenguin even though it's for little kids I use it to communicate with my friends since I don't get a phone until I'm 13. I got on today because I got an email saying 'Clubpenguin is getting new items! Starting today!' I noticed that I never knew I had an email and Clubpenguin never sent emails as far as I knew. Anyways I got on Clubpenguin and almost jumped at the sight of the front page. 1: everything was typed in latin. 2: Penguins were eating each other and their pets. 3: Dead penguins and Pets were nailed up on boards, crosses, and the lighthouse that is out on the side of the screen. they all had one thing in common too. Theyre eyes were gouged out and triangles were drawn on the top of their head. I shiver ran down my spine at the sight. When I clicked on play now it said ".....good....." I was confused obviously. It went straight into my account that I was going to use. It said somthing in latin 'Ipse suus expectantes' I looked up what it said and it translated to: 'He's waiting.' Being a creepypasta I know that "he" wasnt good. I was in a crimson colored version of the pizza place. Exept instead of pepperoni on the pizza it was penguin (?) flesh. I went to the game where you make pizza for the customers and it said "the butcher game" instead of "Make pizza". My only choice was "Sic" was"yes" in latin. My first order was to butcher Aunt Arctic. It was gross hyper-relistic blood flew every where and her eyes were gouged out and thrown on a pizza crust. Then It showed a cut-sceane of my penguin eating the pizza happily. My penguin said with a smile "Populi amorem inferos" I didn't translate it I was too afraid of the results. My computor went to a black screen and then 5 seconds later my face came up all decomposed and a triangle carved in my forhead and my eyes gouged out. then crimson words came up saying ne abscondas non concurrentibus vobis faciam" wich said don"t run don't hide I will find you

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