Coca-Cola Really Isn't Good For You

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Please be careful about how much soda you drink.

Soda can melt the roofs of cars; it's like some sort of drinkable acid that doesn't kill you... right away.

Yet, it's super popular and sold in millions of stores all over the globe.

Of course, it rots your teeth, makes you fat, and ensures that it'll be harder for you to get dates.

Unicorns who drink soda die instantly... yet we allow bronies to endure those deaths.

Really, now... how can you still drink soda knowing all this!?

Everyone knows that we don't know all of the ingredients in coke, and if we did we would suffer anxiety and never drink it again.

Nevertheless, the government won't intervene in this silent mass homicide.

Evil corporate executive managing the Coca-Cola Company and its hideous ways exclaims "Excellent, Smithers!".


Try reading the first letter of each paragraph.

Credited to Cjaymarch84

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