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Cool bugs in his slender form

Twitter user Cool Bugs is popularly known on twitter for his extremely snarky and sarcastic tweets, whilst casually teaming up with close friends to workshop on the latest "Strange Twitter" meme, or talk about his favorite Craft Beer.

But if you read in between the lines, this Cool Bug, isn't exactly what it seems. Two years ago cool bugs changed his Twitter handle to Scary_Bug123. That name is really scary. Cool Bug's avatar is a really scary spider. Not a cool bug. That is really scary, and creepy as well. How is such a popular and well known twitter user getting away with all this?

Some say Cool Bugs is actually the picture on the right, a slender figure with a whole lot of arms, in the woods. It's dark and hard to see in the dark as well, which makes the image spooky. that is scary. and not cool at all. it could be him, and an eye witness, @ironyguy3 said, "I saw Cool Bugs and he had a lot of arms and was really tall, definitely not a bug and very spooky. Not cool. He tweets a lot of irony and my twitter is usually for dota so I don't get him. I hate his tweets they suck, he is not cool and really scary. In fact I havn't slept in a thousand years because of how spooky he really is."

Is this Cool Bug, actually a scary bug? Are his tweets a front for doing spooky things like making teenagers take like 20 more minutes to get to bed because they think they see a picture he posted in the window when they look out the window? Does he do weed? Weed is illegal and that really scary.

We have another report from @BirdWatcher12 on twitter about Cool Bugs, he says "I followed his account and he reblogged an image of what looked like the woods at night, a girl with dark red eyes came out of the woods after a couple seconds because it was an animated gif image. It made me jump and I immediatly un followed him, Not Cool! Twitter user @DabajiSengiBaharma says "Cool Bug hot fuck but spooky boob, no boob spookey completely gone. Raw ass boob, bajari twitter twitter follow boob sex HOT."

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