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Kyle Cull was a neglected child. His mother was a stripper and his father was a very corrupt lawyer. His older brother was spoiled by Kyle's parents and also treated Kyle badly. As a result, Kyle Cull would draw pictures of the bloodied corpses of his family and he would draw himself killing his family and the other kids. Infuriated and insulted, his family stuffed him in a box, set him on fire, and locked him in the basement. Breaking himself out of the box, Kyle grabs and puts on a hoodie, goggles, and a face mask. Because his father keeps a box of dead China bats affected with the Coronavirus that he stole from his defendant, Kyle filled up a bunch of syringes with the Coronavirus, grabbed a kitchen knife, kicked the basement door open, and killed his brother by injecting him with the coronavirus, killing him instantly. Then Kyle opened his parents' room, and stabbed his mother to death, waking up the father. The father then grabs a shotgun but gets stabbed in the throat and the head. Kyle then writes a message in blood: "I'm the virus." then burns his house down. Kyle Cull was no longer. What stands in his place is a virus of pure evil: Corona.

Credited to JeffyPizza123

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