Creepy Pasta

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So I was on this site, like usual, but this time was different...

One day I read a pretty scary creepy pasta, so to calm my nerves, I looked up some troll pasta. I couldn't find any good ones though, so i just typed up creepypasta to see what would come up. Before I could finish typing, my brother come and messes with my computer. He thinks it's funny. What popped up was horrifying!!!

It was (Content too balls-shattering for the public) I puked at the sight of the (No srsly, you don't wanna know) as soon as i stopped puking deleted the pic of the (Really you're not gonna find out so you might as well go read a book or sumthin).

The next day, the (If you find out you'll explode) was at my bed. I was so scared, my penis exploded. I died that day because of the burrito <---(oh $%@# i forgot to censor it)

Credited to Shadow2833
Originally uploaded on November 12, 2011

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