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Is it just me or did “Family Guy Funniest Moments” drop in quality in recent years? Now while this is indeed merely a matter of opinion, it’s a matter very personal to me, and close to my heart in many ways. It’s commonly regarded knowledge in this day and age that the peak of “Family Guy Funniest Moments” was, without a doubt, the 2017-2019 season, where such classic episodes of the series, such as “Family Guy Funniest Moments #14: Lois Has Sex With Brian” and “Family Guy Funniest Moments #29: Stewie Goes Into Special Ed.” These episodes have been regarded by many critics worldwide as the peak of the series, and defining what’s regarded as comedy for YouTube and society as a whole, and has left an everlasting impact on today’s culture.

However, it was at this point that the “Funny Cartoon Free Episode” YouTube channel started growing at a rapid pace, far exceeding what they initially thought, leading to them gaining a following they hadn’t before seen. This was detrimental to Funny Cartoon Free Episode’s mental state. No longer was this just another hobby project, he had an audience now, judging him for his every move and action. He couldn’t naturally fall asleep, he had to drink himself to sleep each night, he resorted to hard drugs and several energy drinks to get him through every day, which, sadly, had come at the cost of the quality of the episodes. What were once 20 minute riots of laughter, were now merely 15 minutes of loosely connected scenes of random clips, seemingly to pad out what was once a completely reasonable goal while he was running Funny Cartoon Free Episode out of passion, was now seemingly a thing of the past.

I think I can safely say, we all hope Funny Cartoon Free Episode is able to find himself again, but the future looks brim. We were lucky that we, as a generation, were able to witness first hand what was the peak of the greatest animated series ever developed by man, “Family Guy Funniest Moments.” It’s only once in every few generation that something with such impact on us all comes to bless the planet, and I think all of us can rest easy now, knowing what we witnessed.

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