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This game is cursed. If you find it, destroy it before it can do more damage! Here is my story with the cursed Sonic Unleashed game:

So one day during the summer, I got a desire to play Sonic Unleashed. Idk why, just did.

I got into my car and drove to GameStop and saw they had none. Weird, considering my local GameStop usually keeps a lot of games people like. I went to the clerk and asked if they had any back store. The clerk looked scared, like I just asked for a foreign object of some kind. She asked why I wanted it and I said nostalgic purposes and just wanted to play it. She sighed, went to the back and got me the game. She told me to promise her that if anything weird happened with the game, I would return it immediately. I promised, wondering why she make me promise I would make me return it to the store.

Anyways, I paid for the game, went home, turned on my XBOX, and put the game in to download. I was super excited when it was done, but something popped up when I clicked it. It said "Please turn back now" in bloody letters for a split second before going to normal. Creeped out what happened, I decided it was a glitch and keep going, I watched the cutscene and played the first 2 stages like normal, It was when the first Werehog stage came that things got weird. After I beat it, the game went to a screen that said "You are screwed. You are dumb. You are being watched". Weirder still, it was in the same font that the "Please turn back now" message was in. It then popped up a bloody skull and then went back to normal... sort of.

It took me to Eggman Land, something not possible right now, and forced me into the Werehog permanently. The Weerehog looked bloody too, like it just killed someone. Wtf? Remembering the GameStop cleric's promise I made, I took the game out... but it didn't turn off. The Werehog turned to face me and said "She warned you and now pay the consequences" and had a murderous look on his face. Tf was happening here??? I drove to GameStop as fast as I could and the clerk asked if anything weird happened. I told her everything that had happened and she looked scared af.

"You realize what you have done?" she asked me. When I told her no and asked wtf was happening, she told me it was cursed and that the person who played it always dies. Freaked out, I asked her what should we do. She said nothing but faced the door. "Your retribution is here" I heard a voice that sounded like Sonic's Werehog. I looked at the door and saw a wolf-man. Freaked out, I tried to run, but the wolf-man was too fast and killed us both, right there.

Please, never play the game. Destroy it if you find the game. Don't let it spread to others!

Credited to FoxRose2007

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