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one day a midget was smokin weed den a big wizard gah came and aseked: ID LAIK TO SHARE AN ERDVENTURE WITH YA and the midget was like: HELL NAW and den the midget went in his rabbit hole and landed into wonderland wait thats alice? oh okay. anehways de midget went in his hill hole and den suddenly 13 more midgets came in end started trashin shit and den dey started singin and den after dat dey asked for the midget to come to the farty mountain den he sed naw and den they sad den the midget went ta sleep den wen he woke up he wanted ta go to the farty mountain and den signed ah contract and den ran for the other midgets den one midget said: where are ya goin midget? and den the main midget said: FUK YA and den he gawt to de midgets and den he showed de contract den they trecked a larng waeh den dey were captured bah 3 trollz den after almost being eatin bah trollz the big wizard came and eh turned de trollz into stone by THE RAINBOW SKITTLES MUTAFUKA den dey where caught bah a bunch of ugly midgets and den de fat leader of de midgets wantd dah eat em den de main midget faught ah ugly midget den dey fell down aah cavern den de main midget urvied but deh ugly midget was dragged by an uglier midget and den de main midget found ah ring of poop den de even uglier midget started riddlez den the main  midget fooled the uglier midget and den he escaped meanwhile de 13 midgets were saved by de big wizard and den dey escaped after killing de fat leader of de midgets and den they were attacked bah a bunch of tall freaks den they hid in de trees and den started throwing burnin pineconez den de tall freakz were burnin den de leader of de tall freaks attacked de leader of the 13 midgets and shielded himself with ah tree trunk den dey escaped and den in the horizon saw de farty mountain TO BEH CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!

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