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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

I have always had a fantasy of having a gerbil crawling up my ass. Just the idea of having that furry mother fucker nibble all the shit out of my anus makes me so sexually aroused. So today, I finally decided to go to the local pet shop and get myself a gerbil and have it make my asshole a nice and comfortable cave.

I walked inside and headed straight for the small animal section. And there they were, gerbils. I was excited to get a gerbil, but which one should I buy? I looked at all of the little creatures as they stared back at me, none of them really caught my attention. But in the corner of the cage, I saw a gerbil with red eyes as red as a throbbing penis head trying to hold back cum and black eyebrows similar to the pubic hairs around a black man's dick. I asked the clerk what was with that gerbil. He responded, "He is The Death Gerbil."

"Why is he called The Death Gerbil?" I asked. "Because everyone who ever adopted him died." the clerk responded.

"Well, why don't you kill him then?"

"I dunno."The clerk said, followed by a shrug. "Would you like to buy him?"

"Fuck no." I responded. "I'll give you a coupon for 75 cents off cold medicine." "DEAL." I immediately took the gerbil and gave the clerk a muffin and left.

I went to my room and got my but-tube. "Ok Death Gerbil, crawl inside!" "NO." The gerbil responded. "You can talk??" I asked. "YES." The Death Gerbil said. "How?" I responded. "WELL, I USED TO BE A NORMAL HOMOSEXUAL MALE WHO ENJOYED GETTING GERBILS SHOVED IN THEIR ASS. ONE DAY AFTER I SHOVED THE 666TH GERBIL UP MY ASS, I TURNED INTO THE DEATH GERBIL. NOW YOU MUST DIE." "Oh no!!!!" I screamed. Then I died.

You're next btw :\

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