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I was watching this episode of doug...and doug said his last name was funny. i didn't know what was so funny about doug funny. so when i asked my mom why foug dunny was called doug funny she said he must be really funny. i asked my dad why mom said doug funny might've been funny but why his name was also doug funny and my dad replied that he's not that funny, just because his name is doug funny. but i looked up doug funny on google and it said did you mean doug funnie and i said yes i did mean doug funnie so he wasn't spelled like doug funny it was actually doug funnie.

then i had a dream about doug funnie and doug funnie popped up and said did you misspell my name by saying doug funny instead of doug funnie and i said yes i did it was funny and doug funnie said that's not funny, i should know what funny is, i'm doug funnie, the king of funny. but as i woke up guess who i saw that's right i saw doug funnie and he was laughing as if something was funny and he killed me

Written by Meaty
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