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duh demon!!!

so theres a demon named matrixx who stalks meh every night and day and i can'ts takes it anymore.

when i first saw him-i was 5 years old and  went to bed alone. i woke up from a thump at exacly 3 o clock in the morning. on my bed was the demon matrixx. i was about to scream but it said in a demon voice my names matrixx... . he then dissapeared in mid air and i heard fog for the rest of the night. i ran to my parents bedroom screaming and crying and telling them everything but they didn't belive me.

seeing him again-i was 13 and i forgot about matrixx when i was 5 years old. i was on the couch watching family guy and i heard a thump and i turned around and yelled fuck!. i was in complete shock it was matrixx standing up staring at me. i could of saw his whole body he had a demon tail and claws that were like 5 feet long and toes that were very sharp 5 feet long. matrixx put his finger on me and scratched me. i then woked up in the hospital with a huge cut on my chest.

seeing him again- i was 15 and my scratched has healed i was swiming and i saw matrixx right behind me in the pool he was just staring. i was so scared my heart beated so fast i felt like i was going to have a heart attack. i then don't remember what happened.

the 2nd last time-i was 19 and i was in a seprate house with my girlfriend and i was taking a walk with her and something threw a rock at me and we turned around to see matrixx. we both screamed and matrixx laughed blood all over the floor and said you have alot to do if you want to get rid of me. he then dissapeared. thats the last time i saw my girlfriend.

the last time-so i was 24 and me and my friends were playing video games and i heard scratching as soon as i heard i knew it was that demon matrixx i looked and matrixx was there dripping blood on the floor with my girlfriends head laughing blood. my friend quickly screamed and called the cops but soons as he got his phone matrixx was gone and so was the blood but the head wasn't.

this is a REAL story and not a trollpasta but i'm written here cause it will get deleted on creepypasta wiki. after that matrixx never went to me again. do not yell matrixx's name out loud or he will come and get you.

LOL did you really yell it out loud did you really think its real? its 100pc fake.

Written by Sleashking‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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