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It was a normal Tuesday morning and I was heading off to school. I passed a couple of houses and looked in the window of the shop I would usually go to so I could buy sweets. There was something in the window that caught my eye. It was a game.

I entered and saw the storekeeper and asked how much the game was. He said it was £5.99. The words "why is it that cheap?!" rushed through my head and I accidentally blurted it out. He told me it only for a certain console and he said I probably don't have one. It was a game for the original gameboy. Luckily enough my dad had one as a kid. I bought the game using my remaining pocket money.

After school I went home. I got out my dads gameboy and put the game in. Before I even turned on the gameboy the screen turned white and it said the words Hard Muscle Studios in pink writing. I laughed for a few seconds and looked at the screen. The title said Dat Thing. I pressed start and the game started. I was playing as some sort of martial artist. The game was 18-bit. I started to move and I saw a man come towards me. He grabbed hold of my throat and began to strangle me. I was horrified as my character started spitting blood and I mashed buttons until I threw the man off me and crushed his skull under my foot. It was such an old game yet the blood was 3D?

I progressed further into the level until my character said "I need to find him". while wondering what he meant I was once again attacked. This time it was a young woman. Just before she grabbed my throat I pressed B and it instantly caused the woman to stop. Foam slowly came out of her mouth and she fell flat on her face. Dead. I started getting worried when my character said "He's coming". Just a little further on I walked into a warehouse. All I heard was whimpering. I looked around and saw the noise was coming from the character and the warehouse door shut. The room was pitch black and all I could see was my character slowly walking towards some maleformed creature. This creature took one look at my character and leapt at him. The screen went black.

When it came back on again it was the creature. it was grey and covered in scars and limbs half torn off. It was smiling... At me. All I could do was stare and then the screen changed back to the title Hard Muscle Studios. When the start screen for Dat Thing came on, the only option was Load Game. I selected the option and a file came up called "Play Me". I did the stupid thing and clicked play. It showed a black screen with white words saying "Turn Around".

I turned only to see through my window. Two red eyes. As they slowly grew larger the body of the creature came towards the window and reared up. It leaped at me.

A razor sharp claw touched my forehead and then the creature disappeared. I woke up. My head was on my desk and I looked at the gameboy. It was turned off. The game still inside. I started to take it out when I felt a pain in my forehead and I looked in the mirror to see an enormous scar in my forehead. Almost as though it was a claw mark...

I took the game back to the shop and asked if I could give the game back. He said he'd never sold me this game even though he sold me the game yesterday. I placed the game on the counter and walked off knowing that this was a sign that I was part of a bigger picture and when I turned to sneer at the man. The only thing there was the game on the desk. Covered in blood...

- Ikora770

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