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There is a lost episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 that I can never find as it was far too disturbing and only aired once. It starts off normal, but then very disturbing dialog occurs between the mad scientists. Dr. Forrester discusses realizing he was first insane when he began gouging words into his leg. He and Frank begin showing really horrible Hummel type figurines with dead dogs, dead grandmothers, and someone's house in flames. Joel and the robot puppets just start screaming.

The movie is really horrible too. It's about a war-shocked sniper who traps people on an island. He hunts them down like animals and then skins and preserves their corpses. Then there's a skit with the bots and Joel all stand bolt upright in coffins and talk about being dead! I couldn't believe what I was seeing!

The worst is far from over though, the episode ends with Frank dying. Forrester kills him, and at the end of the episode he's still dead and Forrester is talking about how he killed him. Jeez! The rest of the episode is static. (Especially if you turned off the cable box after as I did.) I asked every mystie message board I could find about this episode. Some people say they don't know what I'm talking about, some people say I'm confusing several episodes, and some people just call me a shmuck. They don't want to know the truth. I did see all this stuff...

... But that's not the worst part. I went to IMDB and looked up a few of the names of actors from the movie. They were all dead....

THAN WHO WAS MOVIE????????????????

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