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One day there was a spooky video game that I found at the garage sale and it was pokemon. I turned on the pokemon and at first it was static and made funny noise like BZZT BZZT BZZT. I thought whatever, everyone knows that garage sale games make this noise because they are old and broken and this is what old broken games do. I turned on the game and there was 4 pokemons! Charizard, squirturtle and bulbasuar and one other one! I picked the one other starter pokemon and its name was DEATHMAN. It looked like a regular bulbamasuar only instead of leaves it had skulls! I thought that this was freaky but I thought whatever this only a gaem, right! So I picked deathman and its cry was like a charizard cry only instead of the regluar cry it said "I AM EAT YOU". This made me really scared of the gaem so then I went to the pokemark and said to the shop man. BUY POKEBALLS. But instead it gave me skulls. This was scary so then I went to the end of the game and got other kinds of pokemon and the game was normal except Gray Oak didn't appear and instead there was ANOTHER skull. I beat the game but instead of it ending normally it went to another level. This was a scary level and the music from the ghost town played because that is scary music. A man popped up and said you killed so many pokemons! You should feel guilty but I said lol ur a game and shut it off. I went to bed but in it I had dream about deathman and he shot skulls at me and the music from ghostland played over and over and all the pokemons i killed in the gam came and said "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU ARE BAD FOR KILLING POKEMON" then I woke up but DEATHMAN WAS STILL THERE!

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