Death And The Silver Prison

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I awoke in the dark today, knowing not what happened, or of my past. There are many of us here, all fruitlessly clamoring for freedom, I say fruitlessly because it appears as if we have been paralyzed by our captors, that, or we have had our limbs removed; I'm not sure which. At last, our prison shakes, soon we meet the cold embrace of death, and freedom! Yet we are not killed, the shaking ends, the prison is revealed and light shines though. The inside walls of the place are silver and shiny, albeit spattered with the skin-flakes of some of us.

The less fortunate prisoners are in the back, crushed under the weight of gravity and their comrades, they are nothing *but* skin-flakes. I see one of my comrades being pulled into the light, maybe this is God taking us to heaven, freeing us from this torture? I see, now that he is pulled into the light, my comrade(Let's called him 'D', I don't want to give out any identities.) has no limbs, he has been dehydrated beyond belief and it shows, he looks brittle. D has been painted with his blood, it seems, as well. D's life will soon end as I stare in horror at what has been done to him!

As D is lifted out of this horrid prison, he is brought into what before I though was God, but now I know is anything but. It is yet another prison. An execution block... a torture chamber. As soon as the fleshy-looking structures that brought D into the new chamber enter it, they had left. I watched as the torture chamber slammed down on D, crushing him. I heard the resounding CRUNCH and CRACK of D's frail body under the roof of that cavernous hell, and I knew that I was next, right under D, before he was pulled up.

I was more horrified than D, being lifted up by an organic structure, with five flesh-like columns protruding from it. To have them feel my dried skin was horrifying. As I slowly was carried towards the prison chamber, it's white tile walls on the front began to lift up, I could feel the sweat dripping down my brow (If I even had one by now), it caked on to my skin, mixed with my blood. As I moved closer to my death, my life flashed before my eyes. I remember now - hours upon hours of playing with my friends in the cornfield, blissfully among the greens-CRACK. Just as soon as my life began to flash before my eyes, it stopped, as I had been broken. Eaten. Crunched. For you see, I am a Dorito.

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