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Wel I Am A Huge Kirby Fan,On My Email,i recieved a new Kirby Game,Only Wait What Not Was Boring,I Dowloaded,Later The File is Called "Kirby",That Name Is Strange,¿The Game Had Relation To That Strange Mario World Hack,"MARIO"

Later,I Play The Kirby Game,And The Intro Is Kirby Super Star Ultra Intro With Kirby And The Amazing Mirror Sprites,The Words Say "Death Kirby",WTF,That Name Is Too Creepy,The Game Start,No Music And Then a Waddle Dee Say Run,Kirby,He Comes,Too Creepy That Words,I Tried Close The Game,But Then Said"You Don't Escape Of That"

Later They Two Appear,Fumu And Bun,WTH Are Doing Characters Of Anime In That Game,They Two Don't Talk Much To Me,Only Say Kirby,Hurry,RUN,Later Appears Blood And Fumu And Bun Scream,Later Go To See Them And They Death,Then Start To Play The Creepy World Of Nothing of Super Paper Mario,A Kirby Of Red Eyes,Purple Hands And Blood in his Mouth Appears

Totally I Tried Escape Of The Game,Then say "I Leave You Live A Few Days"

Then The Death Kirby Kill Kirby,Meta Knight,Dedede,Bandana Dee,Drawcia And All The Popstar People,But The Strange Was Drawcia Sprites,They Also Gijinka,Because My Teory Of Zero Controls Drawcia

I Play Touhou And Mother 3 And Said Words Of Death Kirby,Later I Play My MUGEN And Challenge Death Kirby char My Character Was Flandre,And I Beat So Hard

Never Download Games With Stranges Names On His Emails Or Evils Sprits Like Sonic.exe,GHOST,Giygas,BEN,Death Kirby,Uboa,Creepypasta Hina,Zalgo,Zalgo Pinkie Pie ect May Kill You

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