Devil's Poem

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Once there was a man who was a trooper A big red arm dragged him down the sewers. His name was Satan, you probably know him The man can't stand it, under at a surface so dim.

He offered Satan a peace cake But the red man said "Guards, death, the man you shall take." They took him away, in a hurry Now Satan was the judge...and the jury

The man had Jesus as his lawyer He talked to Satan, who had explaining hunger The man whispered and told Jesus he was happy he came from up there Jesus said "Wait, you know? Forget it, I'm out of here!"

Soon, he was locked in jail, with 666 jailmates The jailmates attacked the man, with powerful hate. He spent 3 months inside the red cell, until Satan called him in, for his final thrill

He was about to become beheaded by a demon "I do not belong here!" yelled the man He pushes the demon away, and did a front flip. Landing on Satan shoulders, who lost his balance because of this hips

The abandoned vault, filled with dynamite, exploded The fire helps the man up on Earth. Suddenly imploded After at least 3 months, he finally sees the street lights. Now, as he thought he finally had enough frights...

The demons were left under our surface, to die. Man here couldn't wait to eat his pie. But then, a skeleton popped out, in front of the man. Rumors had it, he was never heard from again.

Well, that is the end of an exciting story With the young trollers, you shouldn't expect it to be gory. Now, the story is out, to be set free. This story was written by Christian Solis 17

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