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A few days ago, I was driving along the main road that leads in and out of my hometown. It was usually a fairly busy road, but tonight it seemed as if everyone had chosen to turn in early. I was alone, my headlights mindlessly trailing off into the distance.

As I looked on, waiting to turn onto my street, something seemed different. I wasn't the type to remember names of roads, so I kept a mental note that my street was the third left turn after McDonalds, which I frequented. So I made the turn, as per my normal tradition, but nothing looked the same as I knew it to be. I originally chalked it up to my tiredness, but then I realized that I coudn't find my house anymore. Nothing was the same. The homes weren't even in the same style anymore. I lived in a duplex, but the houses now looked Victorian. Alarmed, I turned around, thinking that I had lost track of where I was, and had taken the wrong turn. As I reached the end of the street, I quickly saw that everything had now changed. Panic and fear ran through my entire body. I drove erratically now, swerving into turns, doing 80 in a 50 zone. As I drove, I felt as though I hit a slight bump. I looked behind me, but nothing was on the road. I hit another bump, then another.

I now suspected I was dreaming, so I did the only thing I could think to do to satisfy my inquiry. I pinched myself.

Wrong decision.

In my state of ill-thinking, I took both hands off the steering wheel, and pinched everywhere I thought was pinchable. What I didn't notice as I was looking down, eyes off the road, was the office building growing ever closer to me. But all too late, I finally looked up, only to see myself in the glass of the building, an awful look of sheer terror on my face, as my life shattered to pieces.

A local policeman questioned a woman about the events that had just transpired. "No, officer, I have no idea what caused him to do this. He was driving, and after he turned onto a street, I saw him just swerve back out of it a few minutes later, going maybe 80. He even hit three pedestrians who were crossing to go to McDonalds. Then he started leaning to the right, and just - 'BOOM' - crashed into Walmart!"

Credited to Bledsoe60
Originally uploaded on March 19, 2012

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