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Author's note: I got tired of all the creepypasta protagonists acting like redshirts and generally being genre blind. So I made this! Also, just saying, I'm not trying to hate on sonic.exe. It is a good creepypasta.

My name is... not important, I guess. I am a gamer and a creepypasta fan. I really should stop reading that stuff; it keeps me up at night. But I just keep coming back for more. Then one day something happened.

I was coming back home from school and saw that the flag on the mailbox was up; my parents must have not bothered to get the mail, so I went ahead and opened it and got the mail out. Heading inside, I put the usual stuff (bills, et cetera) on the table, when something caught my eye. One envelope was addressed to me, in handwriting I recognized. It was my best friend who shall remain anonymous. I went ahead and opened it. Inside was some sort of disc and a handwritten note. It read: (I'll be censoring the names, if you don't mind)


I seriously need your help right now. Take this disc, but DON'T play it. DON'T EVER PLAY IT! Cut it. Smash it. Burn it! Do whatever it takes to destroy this goddamn thing!


Being a creepypasta fan I instantly recognized the situation. Since I'm not stupid, I went to our tool shed and got a sledgehammer, then went back to the table and put the disc on the ground. With a good, strong hit, the disc was destroyed. I quickly threw it out.

As I sat down to watch some YouTube, I recognized again how similar this was to the creepypasta 'sonic.exe'. I couldn't help chuckling at the protagonist's stupidity. What kind of douche ignores written warnings from his best friend to never play a disc and instructions to destroy it?

The following week, nothing happened. I continued to live a normal life.

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